A thing of beauty is a joy for ever

Nature appears in various forms to make you happy. But much depends on rain or shine or your own moods. Whatever it may be, on normal days you can wait for the sunset when His Highness is slowly disappearing to make room for small stars or full moon in the vast sky.
Frankly speaking, human beings have umpteen ways of enjoying life. We have to salute our own good old artists who have filled this world with their enchanting paintings or statues of gods and goddesses in every nook and corner.
Whatever may be our religion, we must be thankful to our artists.

Politics, then and now.

In the good old days, if the politician visits your place, make sure that you are one among the huge crowd. I still remember certain speeches by top leaders (no matter which party he or she belong to). Once V K Krishna Menon who was to visit us at 6pm, reached our place at 11:30pm or so, he was given a huge welcome and his words were, “it is almost midnight now, if you are still here, it shows your political spirits.” Jawaharlal Nehru’s first visit to our place was also memorable. He made no political speech but simply said, “What a lovely place is this. I can see the Arabian see raise from here. Wonderful!”. EMS Nampoothiripad, leader of Communist Party, made a funny speech about the then Chief Minister of Kerala (C H Mohammed Koya), “He is a witty person… very jovial person. But he does not know what to quote where.” It goes on like this… What matters is not the party you belong to. But how interesting your speech is.

On your mark, get set…

Of late, I have developed some habits (good or bad, I can’t say). It is as simple as recalling the names of some famous people whom I used to worship! It could be the authors of some famous books or some politicians (jovial). The other day, I was struggling to remember the name of a great player. After trying for a long time, diving into pool of memories, nothing helped me. Then suddenly I said, “Eurkea! Eureka! It is Dhyan Chand. I got it”.

From 3-0 to 92 all out!

“Wow!!!” All is well that ends well. If there is a will there is a way. Under Rohit’s captaincy, what else it could be. Why are these guys so happy? Maybe, they would have sent back some top order Indian batsman. A run out? Of course, a run out. I put the newspaper on the table to have a cup of strong coffee and even as I was sipping the coffee, the news channel in the TV was back after some advertisements and the subject was Cricket, with a few words from Rohit, who was saying, “We have only overselves to blame.” and in a few seconds, every thing was over, shame, shame, shame!

Inspiring indeed!

I was reading the day’s newspaper, not during the morning but in the evening, contrary to my daily habits. The evening was so harsh that I was just going through major headlines unmindful of major news items. But just when I was about to put the paper down, I was carried away by one particular item, which gave me the strength to carry on. It was about a lady police officer who had conquered the south pole, which was very very cold. And what? She was getting ready to conquer the north pole too, despite the fact that the poles were too cold.

Wannabe superstars!

The curtain is not wide open, though certain scenes, not-so-interesting, are on show but with the sole purpose of keeping the audience in good humor. The supporters of budding heroes, who could be grandsons or daughters of former heroes, are eagerly waiting for them. If you too are eager to know who is who, the villains are eager to know whether they should be with this hero or that heroine!

As far as Indian politicians and actors are concerned, they too may be for a clear picture about their roles. Let us wait for what is what and who is who for a few more days and you will be in some least expected surprises and will have to shout, “no, no, that young chap is no where near him grandpa or someone whom you know”. It appears that Mamata Banarjee is capable of creating such surprises.

Lok Sabha elections in India are around the corner and all the major parties are busy right now to tie up with smaller ones spread over the whole country.
BJP, the ruling party, has the burden of convincing the people about the impact of the dreadful demonetization, which shocked the people to some extent for a couple of years. But in due course, the BJP managed to overcome the threat by convincing the people about the better part of this shocking event.
The Congress and the leaders of some senior parties have a bunch of facts that could influence the people to some extent.
In short, no one can predict the results of this general elections because, there are innumerable parties that are for or against the BJP or the Congress.
Anyway, the smaller parties can upset the trend by playing their game carefully. Let’s wait and see.


Of late, we hear a lot of announcements from various states in India about freebies in the form of Money, or food items, or dresses, in connection with some annual festivals and so on. The ruling parties may find some major obstacles from opposition parties but the state governments are fully aware of these objections which are ignored by the people as a whole. But when the general elections or state elections are round the corner, politicians themselves ignore about these matters and go ahead with their routine promises.
In short, the ruling parties and the opposition parties search for some other benefits which won’t stand in the way during the elections, come what may.

Somewhat bright, but so cold!

“Sunset and evening sky… keep the doors wide open.” “Yeah! My lord.” Sun is bidding good night, but it is not dark as yet. Sun looks bigger than ever against the background of almost six to seven colors! There is absolute silence or occasional wow!
But right now, it is still evening… still bright. But we keep saying, “This is what we call bone chilling”.
Can’t help, can’t help and we go to bed as early as possible. “Oh Sun, why is it so cold?” “Right now, we are in a hill station, boss!”

Thanks for being so charming

“The world is too much with us, getting and spending, we lay waste our time.” Why on earth these words penetrated my mind when I was getting ready to enjoy one of those rare scenes when the sky was absolutely free from smoky clouds. Anyway, let me not waste my time on occasions when our mind would keep jumping from one type of thought to another. Let me not even think of anything else… My lord! The sky, right now, is blue and bright and absolutely calm and the trees are dancing to the tune of the accompanying calm and bright sky… ok, let me enjoy it! Wow!