Peace and Prosperity

Posted by P U Krishnan on September 24, 2016 in Issues in India, Politics in India, Strikes and Protests

When Indian intellectuals scholars and sports persons (notably cricket) hit the headlines, they become notable persons not only in India but in other countries as well. But, going beyond such achievements our youngsters and elders have to pay great attention to peace and prosperity without which, all our efforts to achieve top positions will wither into oblivion.
One problem in India which needs to be overcome as quickly as possible is petty quarrels between neighboring states which bring everything to a standstill, resulting in destruction of public properties, specially buses and lorries.
Political parties seem to be incapable of solving such problems and resort to violence. As such, one would expect those who are in favor of “unity in diversity” to make their presence felt by spreading the slogan, “peace and prosperity”.


Hats off to our scientists

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Twinkle Twinkle little starts
I don’t wonder what you are!
Down below the world so near
Like the start of yore.
Still, I can’t hide the fact
That you are a million times
smaller than the real stars!


We need an amicable approach

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Most of the countries in the world have frequent problems with the neighboring countries and some are wise enough not to let such problems snowball into a crisis so that their internal problems could be tackled by and by.
As far as India is concerned, the nation does have such problems but, the frequent regional problems between neighboring states have to be handled in a friendly way bearing in mind the good old adage, “United we stand, divided we fall”. Apart from this, all the political parties should do their best to abide by certain principles so that the positive side of all good and bad happenings would be more visible. On top of this, all the political parties should make it a point not to draw school an college students into “protests”, which occur frequently.


Where there is a will, there is a way

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The latest version of the Olympic games [the ancient Greek athletic festival held every 4 years or the international revival of this] were as exciting or breathtaking as ever, though Usain Bolt stole the show! As far as India is concerned, millions of sports lovers watched events despite the fact that our “stars” were outshone by other athletes.

While the real sports lovers of India are still hopeful of the fact that the days are not far away when our stars will out-shine other stars before long, there are certain traditional fault finders who see Indian cricket as the real cause for our poor performance!

What they fail to understand is that cricket in India became very popular because it kept on producing its superstars who were free from self-pity or undue personal expectations. Apart from this, we have to bear in mind that Indian Hockey touched the Himalayan heights when the one and only Dhyanchand represented India.


No More Rivalries, Please!

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Though the world has undergone a sea change during the past 40 years or so, certain developments seem to remind us of the adage, “old habits die hard.” One important matter which made it easy for economic and technical developments during the 40 years or so mentioned above is of course the attitude of almost all countries which are more concerned about creating a peaceful condition for such developments.
The so-called big powers may have their own reasons to retain their status but it will be wise on their part to rise above petty quarrels and make the world an ideal place for development on all fronts in order to make it clear that all countries have their own talents – be it movies, sports or any such facet.


The hidden art

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When the nonstop rain withdrew from our area, much to our relief, the trees and plants of our area invited us to watch their dance program. I felt like saying, “You guys are just dancing to the tune of the wind which appear and disappear according to their whims and fancies.”
To my surprise, I heard the reply of one of the trees, “That means, you have no aesthetic sense or any interest in the role played by us (the trees and plants) in creating the movements required for various kinds of dances which keep you spell-bound.”
“Absolutely!” Be it Bharathanatyam or any Indian or western dance, each and every movement has something to do with these breathtaking movements of trees and plants.
Just watch them, you will realize the parts played by trees in various type of human dances!
Hats off to trees and plants! Cuckoos and Kuyils also deserve our praise for their songs!


Old order changes, yielding place to new…

Posted by P U Krishnan on July 14, 2016 in Issues in India, People, Philosophy, Strikes and Protests

“The world is too much with us. Getting and spending, we lay waste our time.” Man became alert to this warning and began to discover new things, using his/her ‘brain power’, aesthetic sense and curiosity. “If tiny birds can fly here and there, why not we?”, mas asked himself. All these things prompted man to pay attention to new discoveries, even to the extent of depriving job opportunities to educated youngsters.
In view of this, it is time to come out with a new warning, “The discoveries are too much with us, replacing machines in place of men and women.” We rob job opportunities from the up and coming new generation.
If we are smart enough, let us create a world wherein job opportunities and new scientific discoveries go hand in hand.
To get an idea about the reason behind loss of job opportunities, it is enough if we go to a railway station or some such offices where machines are taking care of everything! And, as far as those who are involved in essential services, we have to bear in mind that it is not fair on their part to resort to strike every now and then.



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I am in you or in what you guys call ‘dream’. It’ll last for an hour tonight and as soon as I gather the information about your languages and whatever I want, I’ll be back to my planet which you call Jupiter. Our leader found me gathering information about your planet, your people, their discoveries etc. Frankly speaking, I fell in love with your songs, movies and cricket and wanted to have a firsthand knowledge about your languages and cell phones because we have to lead a boring or as you call it “dull as dust life” resulting from our fantastic knowledge about ourselves and other planets.
Oh, it is time to leave from your dream world… in a jiffy i’ll be in Jupiter. By the way, we don’t have names. I am the one and only chap with a name. Our captain named me “Earthborn” because he suspects that I am fond of you people and your planets. Anyway don’t try to get in touch with me.


To Live and Let Live!

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“Buildings, buildings everywhere but not even a nest to live”, the birds seemed to shout in their own sing-song voice. Oh bird, I do sympathise with you guys for the loss of your age-old properties spread all over the world but, as I look around the lovely park, the man-made buildings and your shelters are vying with one another to live and let live! We people love and respect you and enjoy your presence in large numbers. At times, we feel humbled as you ‘people’ fly hither and thither singing your favourite songs!
Anyway, I enjoy your presence in large numbers mainl because of your ability to move faster than us and your courage to face any situation.
While I was walking slowly along the narrow road, what resisted my temptation to have a look at those small gardens around the buildings was, undoubtedly the birds and the enchanting trees which sheltered them and of course the serene atmosphere. Several poems, good and old crossed my mind and the one I feel like repeating right now is, “I wandered lonely as a cloud that float on high over vales and hills, when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils…”


Harmless Punishment!

Posted by P U Krishnan on June 9, 2016 in Humor, In real life

The other day while I was searching for a suitable B’day card for one of my close relatives, there was a middle-aged man in search of suitable greeting cards (may be for his friends in connection with a local festival). He reminded me of an incident last year on the eve of New Year’s day. I was at ‘Waves’, a shop known for its immense variety of greeting cards. As usual, I bought a few cards but to my surprise, there was another customer who collected nearly 20 cards without bothering to read or enjoying the pictures. And, when I went to the post office to send my cards, this chap was also there but to my surprise, all his cards were addressed to himself and when I could not hide my surprise, he smiled and said, “I am sending all these cards to me and the provocation is my neighbour who used to get 10 to 20 cards every year and he used to boast of it. So, I thought of teaching him a lesson. Got it?” I simply laughed and left the place.

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