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A stroll in the park

Job opportunities

Gone are the days when job seekers had limited options, mostly based on their qualifications. Most of them opted for government jobs in view of job security. Those aiming at jobs in private companies were assured of better salaries but they had to work beyond the office hours. Anyway, money weighed more than ‘leisure’!

But, with the arrival of “I.T. giant”, the technically-qualified youngsters, mostly women, made a bee-line for such jobs which also helped, them to cross the boundaries!

Now, the youngsters have discovered a new world which helps them to appear in different “Roles” to keep audience in good humour. Of course, it is another version of movies but each one, goes on and on for hundreds of episodes. Anyway, they have to be super stars!

We need an amicable approach

Most of the countries in the world have frequent problems with the neighboring countries and some are wise enough not to let such problems snowball into a crisis so that their internal problems could be tackled by and by.
As far as India is concerned, the nation does have such problems but, the frequent regional problems between neighboring states have to be handled in a friendly way bearing in mind the good old adage, “United we stand, divided we fall”. Apart from this, all the political parties should do their best to abide by certain principles so that the positive side of all good and bad happenings would be more visible. On top of this, all the political parties should make it a point not to draw school an college students into “protests”, which occur frequently.

Where there is a will, there is a way

The latest version of the Olympic games [the ancient Greek athletic festival held every 4 years or the international revival of this] were as exciting or breathtaking as ever, though Usain Bolt stole the show! As far as India is concerned, millions of sports lovers watched events despite the fact that our “stars” were outshone by other athletes.

While the real sports lovers of India are still hopeful of the fact that the days are not far away when our stars will out-shine other stars before long, there are certain traditional fault finders who see Indian cricket as the real cause for our poor performance!

What they fail to understand is that cricket in India became very popular because it kept on producing its superstars who were free from self-pity or undue personal expectations. Apart from this, we have to bear in mind that Indian Hockey touched the Himalayan heights when the one and only Dhyanchand represented India.

No More Rivalries, Please!

Though the world has undergone a sea change during the past 40 years or so, certain developments seem to remind us of the adage, “old habits die hard.” One important matter which made it easy for economic and technical developments during the 40 years or so mentioned above is of course the attitude of almost all countries which are more concerned about creating a peaceful condition for such developments.
The so-called big powers may have their own reasons to retain their status but it will be wise on their part to rise above petty quarrels and make the world an ideal place for development on all fronts in order to make it clear that all countries have their own talents – be it movies, sports or any such facet.

The hidden art

When the nonstop rain withdrew from our area, much to our relief, the trees and plants of our area invited us to watch their dance program. I felt like saying, “You guys are just dancing to the tune of the wind which appear and disappear according to their whims and fancies.”
To my surprise, I heard the reply of one of the trees, “That means, you have no aesthetic sense or any interest in the role played by us (the trees and plants) in creating the movements required for various kinds of dances which keep you spell-bound.”
“Absolutely!” Be it Bharathanatyam or any Indian or western dance, each and every movement has something to do with these breathtaking movements of trees and plants.
Just watch them, you will realize the parts played by trees in various type of human dances!
Hats off to trees and plants! Cuckoos and Kuyils also deserve our praise for their songs!

When you look back

Of all creatures on earth, the one and only ‘creature’ which could change the world beyond recognition is undoubtedly the Human beings. Of course, for centuries, they lived like other fellow creatures, unmindful of the wonders all-around.
Then slowly but steadily, they discovered that they are superior being capable of living in a “super world” according to their whims and fancies.
Even as they achieved their goals one by one, there were super beings among them who were obsessed with their curiosities.
After the necessary bases were laid, these intellectuals introduced so many new items and the most wanted things were undoubtedly wealth and education.
Anyway, whatever may be the new discoveries and developments, we are tempted to look back, especially when we see the forests which have survived and we whisper to ourselves, “Oh they are connected to our ancestral houses!”

Old fashion changeth, yielding place to new!

From footwear to dresses and hair style, or vehicels like cars and bikes, man’s craze for fashion and manufacturer’s willingness to live upto the taste of the buyers continue to dominate the business world! Of course the habit of introducing new fashions often laid the manufacturers and the fashion concious buyers in a dilemma… “to be or not to be” is the question or, “is it nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows” of fashion or to “take arms against ultramodern fashion”?
I still remember some interesting incidents connected with latest hair styles and fast changing fashionable dresses. One guy who was working as a cleaner in a workshop and eager to buy a couple of modern dresses for his own marriage, managed to buy two fashionable shirts and pants and expressed his happiness to the ire of some of his coworkers. But to his dismay, a couple of months before his marriage a new fashion in hairstyle and shirts began to spread thick and fast!. Another occassion was the return of an old fashion of a particular type of shirt and pants. The winner was an elderly person who could locate some long discarded shirts in his suitcase. The model of the shirt was in tune with the latest fashion!


When success knocks at your door and you are getting ready to give flesh and blood to your well-deserved and hard-earned reputation as one who overcomes all stumbling blocks, you may face some minor problems that may dishearten you.

On such occasions, instead of losing heart you have to recall other such occasions which you or individuals like you overcome without much effort or by resisting self pity which is our number one enemy. The word to remember on such occasions is “Jujubi”, created by the South Indian superstar Mr. Rajanikanth.

The silent few

The annual budget in India receives high Praise from the ruling Party and its supporters and criticisms of various kinds from political parties opposed to the ruling party at the centre. It takes quite some time for the ruling party to settle down. By then, the people would have got used to price hikes and some benefits.
Amidst all these pros and cons, there may be a couple of items which suffer constant beatings from all parties and no body, not even the affected people raise a hue and cry. The real trouble makers are allowed to have their own violent approach, come what may.