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Where there is a will, there is a way

The latest version of the Olympic games [the ancient Greek athletic festival held every 4 years or the international revival of this] were as exciting or breathtaking as ever, though Usain Bolt stole the show! As far as India is concerned, millions of sports lovers watched events despite the fact that our “stars” were outshone …

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When you look back

Of all creatures on earth, the one and only ‘creature’ which could change the world beyond recognition is undoubtedly the Human beings. Of course, for centuries, they lived like other fellow creatures, unmindful of the wonders all-around. Then slowly but steadily, they discovered that they are superior being capable of living in a “super world” …


Old fashion changeth, yielding place to new!

From footwear to dresses and hair style, or vehicels like cars and bikes, man’s craze for fashion and manufacturer’s willingness to live upto the taste of the buyers continue to dominate the business world! Of course the habit of introducing new fashions often laid the manufacturers and the fashion concious buyers in a dilemma… “to …