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Let us not succumb to pressure

“You are from?”


India?… Hats off!

While I was in Canada, certain people used to ask me such questions and when I say I am an Indian, some would exclaim “From Kashmir to Kanyakumari!… Multilingual!…” Yeah, I would reply and add, our National Anthem gives you an idea about our Country.

In spite of such a reputation it is unfortunate that some of our own people are thinking in terms of dividing the country or rather seeking a special status or a division.

Some recent incidents in India show that some political parties are encouraging the division…

Beware of super stars!

Politics seems to have become one of the most sought after professions in India, especially at state-level it has undergone a sea change in most states, resulting in the birth of several new parties so as to accommodate new hands crossing over to any party.

Policies of the good old Parties face several problems because the new-born smaller parties are making tall promises to the village people who face so many problems because of natural calamities or some other reasons but they totally believe that smaller parties would solve their problems. People, in general, believe that most of the difficulties faced by them are owing to the failure of bigger parties which are in power.

When a state is getting ready for general election the main parties seek the support of the newly retired super stars of the movies who are ready to start a new party so that they can dream of occupying the “Big chair” if they win!

Let us wait and see!

To be, or not to be?

There are innumerable languages in this wide world. Some are totally local and most of the rest are official languages confined to independent nations. As far as countries like India are concerned, a couple of its widely used languages are given the status of national languages along with English.
Though the country is divided into several states with a view to providing administrative convenience, ‘Regionalism’ seems to have an upper hand as far as languages and other local issues are concerned.
Mother tongue deserves special attention but not at the expense of English which serves as an international language and helps people all over the world to understand each other, be its education or business or literature.

Let us not be Pessimists

In a democratic country, politics do play a major role but when politicians are obsessed with self praise or criticism that may taunt the opponent, the news channels and to some extent the Print media have more than enough to upset the viewers or the readers. Unfortunately, the good things that would have happened get a ‘corner seat’ and you have to wait for a couple of days to experience the pleasure of such items.

As far as India is concerned, it is not as if there is a dearth of happenings which we can be proud of but sadists have their own way of upsetting even the optimists and those who are excited whenever nice things happen in India. May be a day will come when a few News channels or News papers give top priority to our achievements.

If there is a will, there is a way

A Land of festivals, India has an immense variety of them, mostly connected with religion and depending on the tastes and habits of the people but based on certain glorious occasions which would have occurred centuries ago in various parts of the country.
There are thousands of temples in India which are dedicated to different deities, and the specialties of that lord is associated with each festival.
Anyway, all the festivals are occasions for the devotees to seek the blessings of the almighty.
These festivals are also an opportunity for the devotees to help the poor and the down trodden. Some youngsters attach some sports events participated by them. Since such events seem to be a bit “bullish”, some are totally against it and are bent upon stopping such games much to the disappointment of the Youngsters. So, why not the supporters and the opponents come to an agreement acceptable to both?

Such things do happen

Be it print or electronic media or any news channels, you have to wait patiently for some heartwarming news. The other day, while I was waiting for a friend of mine near a petty shop, there were some guys who were taking about some news items which had appeared in almost all newspapers. During this short period, they had covered a lot of latest reports, local and national (mostly politics or about some not so interesting items)
Then, I broke in and said, “Ok friends, have you read or heard about a very interesting or inspiring one…”
“About what?” one of them asked, “About a young man who found a leather bag lying on the road… it was about 7pm while he was returning from his work place. This gentleman picked up the bag… There was no body else there and to his surprise, he found bundles of 1000 – rupee notes. Immediately he went to the nearest police station and handed over the bundle to the officer-in-charge.
He was praised sky – high by the officer and the constables because the amount in the bag was as high as 91000 rupees”. The guys made a sarcastic response. “Hmm?” and left the place!


The good old slogan, “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” is knocking on my mind even as the print and electronic media are flooded with reports of conflicts between different political parties which bring everything to a stand still. What used to be a regional affair, is now spreading all over the nation, especially when national parties blame each other for some un happy developments..(It could be some corruption charges or some other vexing issues that could be solved without much fanfare. Even some happy occasions like the PM’s visit to a neighbouring country could lead to an unnecessary controversy)
Politicians, at times, are impatient and least worried about the after effects of some of their unpleasant remarks about some senior leaders.

Anyway, it is hightime the leaders of the senior parties set an example to the party workers at least for the sake of the youngsters or rather their own younger versions. Let them chant “The Unity in Diversity” Mantra when unpleasant political developments occur!

All in the name if people

The age-old faith that democracy is the best form of government may still be valid but in many countries it is no longer “by the people, of the people, and for the people” because the ‘scene’ is fully dominated by the power-crazy politicians who take full advantage of the day-to-day problems, big and small, being faced by the ruling party. Problems often erupt from unavaoidable price hikes, lack of rain or excess rains resulting in floods or power failure. The ruling party might be findings ways and means to solve these problems but the opposition parties make it appear that the government is deliberately ignoring these problems. In short, the approach of the senior parties depends on whether they are in power or leading the opposition front.
But, what is so vexing is the habit of attracting employees and students to participate in demonstration which often turn violent and unproductive.
Another reason for these problems in the undue hurry shown by the newly-elected parties to introduce new policies which are controversial.

Positive thinking, the need of the hour.

“The world is too much with us… getting and spending, we lay waste our time.” Much water had flowed under the bridge since the above line were written but, while our precious times are wasted even now, there are some geniuses and talented ones who inspire the younger generation to come out with new discoveries to make this world a wonderland.
While the geniuses do what they must and the talented ones do only what they can, they both, nonetheless, contribute to our development, much unlike the negative elements who are more interested in quarreling and exploiting their own people in the name of politics or by using regional power.
Politics, of course, is vital for all democratic countries but the motive of all politicians should be the welfare of the people and growth on all fronts.

Let not our kids succumb to self-pity

Though wonder-kids are few and far between we have talented kids in every nook and corner, mostly unsung or unnoticed. Among them, some are capable of creating opportunities for themselves without succumbing to self-pity.

There are several caste-based organisations which underestimate the talent hidden in those children and simply highlight their exaggerated backwardness and prompt them to ‘fight’ for their rights, thereby making them victims of self-pity.

The school children, irrespective of their caste or religion are friendly with one another but certain politicians sow the seeds of hatred among them and draw them away from the path of unity and urge them to achieve ‘greater things’.

There is only one way to save the children from the clutches of certain self centered politicians and the initiative has to come from broad minded and educated leaders who can instill courage and self confidence in our children to achieve their goals.