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Those good old days!

Twenty years have passed – Twenty summers with the length of twenty long winters. Again, I hear the waters rolling from the mountain springs. Yes, I was right in front of the Milk Union in connection with some personal works. Most of my colleagues have retired but those young chaps, now in their early fifties, …

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A blessing in disguise for Congress?

When Modi-wave was gathering momentum, one never thought that the congress party would pale into insignificance. The possibility of a coalition government or a tie-up between either of the national parties with a third front were haunting one’s mind. Though I am a congress supporter, I was almost sure that the congress would be discarded …

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A friend in need is a friend indeed

“Traitor, Traitor…” Venu kept on shouting those words when he woke up at mid night after a horrible dream. “Ten years have passed, ten summers with the length of ten long winters… again my stupid mind refuses to admit my own selfishness and utter a word in praise of Revi, my best friend and classmate.” …