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Beware of super stars!

Politics seems to have become one of the most sought after professions in India, especially at state-level it has undergone a sea change in most states, resulting in the birth of several new parties so as to accommodate new hands crossing over to any party.

Policies of the good old Parties face several problems because the new-born smaller parties are making tall promises to the village people who face so many problems because of natural calamities or some other reasons but they totally believe that smaller parties would solve their problems. People, in general, believe that most of the difficulties faced by them are owing to the failure of bigger parties which are in power.

When a state is getting ready for general election the main parties seek the support of the newly retired super stars of the movies who are ready to start a new party so that they can dream of occupying the “Big chair” if they win!

Let us wait and see!

Busiest people!

It seems politicians are the busiest people in certain countries and there is no dearth of issues that can keep them active and noisy. Ruling parties can set in motion several “welfare” measures that will have to undergo objections or unsatisfactory response from opposition parties. One of the issues that could trigger protests from opposition parties with the support of people who are supposed to be the beneficiaries is freebies. The next result is the indefinite postponement of the so-called welfare measures much to the satisfaction of the opposition and the ruling parties. Of course, the welfare measures will get the green signal from both parties. Frankly speaking, many states have become land of freebies.

Victory at any cost!

There are innumerable political parties in India, mostly resulting from internal problems. When a popular party is keen on winning at any cost, it is ready to have a tie up with smaller to the main party. The demands of the smaller parties are invariably a couple of ministerial posts. In the good old days, the national parties never deviated from their policies and did their best to protect their parties.
But, now such principles have no values as is evident from frequent tie ups with those who are poles apart. In view of this, most of the chief rivals get together like close friends.

Let us hope for the best

No matter his support base, Mr. Ramnath Kovind, the newly elected President of India can look forward to the support of the entire nation, irrespective of the political background of those concerned.

Anyway, one has to take into account the methods of various top-ranking politicians, or government servants or business tycoons while handling several problems facing the nation. Let us hope for the best and look forward to the brighter days.

Unpredictable – but don’t be nervous!

When the Assembly or Parliamentary elections are round the corner, the air is thick with claims or criticisms. Promises have to be made carefully or within the permitted level but the voters, these days, are well aware of the consequences of voting for the ruling party or the limits of the major opposition parties. The ruling party’s heavy-spending during the five year rule would force the opposition parties to come out with some excuses much to the disappointment of the people.

In view of these uncertainties, one has to depend on Exit polls or some such practices to predict the victory or failure of the major parties.

As such, let us not worry about the out come, for there are so many interesting and heart warming articles which appear in some major News papers. Let us enjoy reading them !

Still backward?

Social backwardness as far as India is concerned is a thing of the past. But unfortunately it is made to appear that the country has not made any progress in narrowing the gap between the so called forward caste and those who are socially backward. There may be couple of states where nothing much has happened to lift the poor and downtrodden. As far as other states are concerned, there have been progress on all fronts visible from any corner.
But inspite of all these wonderful changes it is made to appear that these castes are ill-treated and still lagging behind socially and economically.
The main cause for such false impression is the growth of the innumerable new political parties which want the support of the so called socially backward.
This deliberate attempt to hide the remarkable progress made over the years by the so called socially backward people will adversely affect their self-confidence and the courage to compete with the forward communities in education.

The change of roles

The woes of the ruling parties in India begin as soon the euphoria of their victory begins to fade. In fact, every ruling party after capturing power is in a hurry to make its presence felt by introducing new bills by deliberately ignoring certain policies introduced by the previous government.

Before long, the government realizes that what they witness in the parliament every day is noting but a replay of their own game which made the previous government (the present opposition) struggle everyday to get things done. The main job of the opposition is to stage a walk out at the opportune moment and mislead the people.

There is only one way to overcome such a scenario and that is to make friends with the main opposition parties at least at the fag end of their term!

The strategy of the New Party

The Assembly elections are round the corner. The ruling Party and the main opposition Parties have well – equipped arsenals and they are hopeful of doing pretty well in the elections.
One of the smaller parties which is making its debut has some Unique ideas and its top leaders are eager to know how far their strategy to topple the government would work. So, an urgent meeting was arranged. The leader of the party reminded the party workers of their main strategy and he asked his followers, “what is response of the Ruling party to our slogan, “ No Rain, No Rain… what a Pain… ?”. one of them replied, “The minister says the sky continues to be white. Till it gets black, we will have to wait”
“That is a lame excuse… Let it be so. Let us tell the affected people of our plan”.
“What’s it sir?”
“We will make enough black paints and spray them on the white clouds, using the sprinklers” said the leader
All the leaders stood up and clapped their hands and the top leader said, “I am sure this will fetch a couple of seats for our party”.

Beware of the invisible!

All the major newspapers predicted a “hung” assembly. The exit polls too indicated the same results. And, when the results were out, one of the popular parties was short of the required number of seats. The only option seemed to be Governor’s rule for the state because the party which need the support of a few MLA’s was not in good term with any of them.

The days rolled by and the possibility of Governor’s rule was very much there but to every one’s surprise or happiness, one of the opposition parties which had enough number of candidates came out with a message that their party will fill the gap and let the majority party to form a government. What a miracle ! The chief ministerial candidate of the majority party was known for his principles and was honest to the core and yet his party got the support of one of these smaller parties which was not friendly with him.

Things moved on, and everyone was in praise of that party which helped the “Big party” to form a government. “All is well that ends well”

But, after few months, a news channel sprang a surprise. The CM’s conversation with his top colleagues was echoed with the help of the present day invisible but smart instrument:

CM: You invite those guys for a friendly chat. Tell them, a couple of ministerial posts are there for ‘asking’…. or…….”that” too can be considered.

So, that was the secret of success !

Will congress bounce back?

Will Indian National Congress fade into oblivion or bounce back before long? The answer is, it will undoubtedly stage a come back and will be at the helm before long. “A wishful thinking?”, you may ask. Not exactly, if the leaders and party workers are able to convince the people that India’s steady progress on all fronts after independence was due to innumerable welfare measures introduced by the congress under the leadership of Jawaharlal Nehru and his colleagues. The 5 years plans helped us to overcome food scarcity and enhanced employment opportunities, not only for the so called forward communities but also to the SCs and STs solely because of reservations and free education. If we can be proud of white revolution and Green revolution, the credit goes to the congress. Of Course, gradually, all these reputations were hijacked by smaller or regional Parties.