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Job opportunities

Gone are the days when job seekers had limited options, mostly based on their qualifications. Most of them opted for government jobs in view of job security. Those aiming at jobs in private companies were assured of better salaries but they had to work beyond the office hours. Anyway, money weighed more than ‘leisure’!

But, with the arrival of “I.T. giant”, the technically-qualified youngsters, mostly women, made a bee-line for such jobs which also helped, them to cross the boundaries!

Now, the youngsters have discovered a new world which helps them to appear in different “Roles” to keep audience in good humour. Of course, it is another version of movies but each one, goes on and on for hundreds of episodes. Anyway, they have to be super stars!

Those good old days!

Twenty years have passed – Twenty summers with the length of twenty long winters. Again, I hear the waters rolling from the mountain springs. Yes, I was right in front of the Milk Union in connection with some personal works. Most of my colleagues have retired but those young chaps, now in their early fifties, were excited on seeing me! And gave me a warm welcome. They wasted no time in getting my personal work done.
But, after that there was a long session of embracing me and telling me of those glorious days when I used to mingle with them during our short intervals. Oh, my goodness, they were so affectionate that they delayed my departure from that office for more than an hour.
I was in a hurry to leave not because I had some other important work to attend to but I wanted to hide my tears.
Bye Bye, friends – Best of luck… and off I went with tears in my eyes and laughter in between!

Customer Friendly

Marketing is an art. Irrespective of whether you are shopping in a supermarket or in a corner shop, what tempts you to busy something is the attitude of the owner or the sales persons. You might be in need of a popular item but, if it is not available in that shop, you are tempted to withdraw from that shop, if the answer is a blank “No”. Instead, the smart ones would pick up items under different brand names and say “These are equally good”.

If there is a heavy rush, one of the salesmen or the owner himself will attend to your requirements. At times, the value of the items required may be just 10 bucks but you may have a 500 rupee note. Again the smart ones would be ready to accept the bigger amount and return the balance without any murmur.

Such an attitude on the part of the business people would lift them up to higher position step by step.

The Secret of Success

He stopped his van in front of a house, looked here and there and dashed towards another house to deliver a parcel which he was carrying. In a jiffy he returned and boarded the van and drove off. The all-in-all looked so smart that he captured my attention whenever I came across him carrying a parcel or driving his van crisscross the city. It was not as if he was doing something extraordinary but the way he did it was commendable. Such people are rare but efficiency comes in other forms which may not produce immediate results and yet, such workers can win your hearts by an innocent looking smile or appearing to be helpful!
Even as my mind was obsessed with that gentleman and the more or less similar workers, I happened to read an article from a top journal about global companies including the one in which the all-in-all mentioned above is working. Maybe such efficient workers are the secret of the success of such global companies.