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Blue Umbrella

It was blue all over! East or West, north or South; not merely dominating but snatching their share equally and fully! “Yeah, it is for you guys who curse us for being cloudy or sunny to the core. So, enjoy it without cursing us for being what we are or what we are not. You may ignore us but not yours kids! So, wait for their reactions… Here they are. “Daddy, it is a blue tent”. “Mom, here is a huge Umbrella”. “A blue one, so big!” “Uncle, what happened to those white and red colours?”

Anyway, when nature is free from rain or summer showers, the sky is invariably darkish white or playing hide and seek. Right now, it looks like a huge blue umbrella!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

The other day while I was going through the “introduction” to Rudyard Kipling’s “The Phantom Rickshaw”, I recalled several personal experiences but, the one that ‘knocks’ me off an on is our visit to a beautiful village surrounded by a river which was called ‘Bharatha Puzha’ in those days. It was our first visit when our father was transferred to that village (he was a revenue inspector).
After alighting from a local train, we had to cross the river in a boat, violently shaken off and on by the waves which sprang from the Arabian Sea.
The man who was in charge of the boat would say, “don’t worry… nothing to fear” and our father would smile and say, “the are quite new to such a trip”.
Very soon, we got used to such trips while crossing the river frequently during summer holidays… “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!”

Poles apart

“When to the session of sweet silent thought, I summon up the remembrance of things past”. These lines flashed across my mind while I was all alone at my favorite spot, enjoying the evening sky, the hills and valleys… the presence of several new houses, not withstanding.

Thinking that I was all alone, I repeated those lines a bit loudly. But, to my surprise, there stood a young man who too was in a mood to repeat those lines loudly.

Immediately, we made friends with each other and began to quote several well known poems which included ” Ten thousand saw I at a glance tossing their heads in sprightly dance”.

Then I asked him whether he was an English literature student. “Yes”, he said. Then, after a while, he began to weep. “Why, what happened”, I asked and he replied, “But my dad is totally against it… you know why?”

“Yeah, I know your dad. He has told me their story several times but I used to support you…” “OK sir, I am leaving… my dad is waiting for me near that…” Before completing the sentence, he left saying a loud “Bye!”

His father is known to me… not a friend as such but some one who I used to meet now and then… He is a building contractor.

Some Lessons for the Elders!

Elders have to learn a lot from children through the children though the children are advised to learn from their elders. Just watch the school kids when they return home after the day’s work. They may have different tastes and some of them may quarrel now and then but you can’t divide them on the basis of their religion, caste or social status of their parents.

One evening I was returning home after my evening walk, children studying in the near by school were also returning home. They were unusually happy and they were hugging one of their class mates. The mother of one of the kids who seemed to be very happy asked him, “why are you guys so happy?” and his reply did not make his mother happy because the reason for their happiness was, “Mummy Revi got the first rank in the exam”.

I came to know that usually the first rank goes to that woman’s son!

Child Care

The winter is in great from this evening also for a couple of hours in the morning, sun seemed to be at ‘His’ best but withdrew from the scene to let the other side rule the sky. Soon it sought the help of wind in order to make it unbearable to the people. As usual, I took asylum in my room and picked up an old dairy and opened a middle page. And, to my pleasure it was a piece of Book review under the title “child care at its best”. The author of the book is Sylvia clare. This book is aimed at all those who interact with children either as a Parent or in any other capacity or any one who wants to change society and create a more acceptable and loving environment. The author of the book says, “No child can be labelled ‘difficult’…”

May be some of you will find it interesting and useful. The title of this book is given above. Go ahead!

Far away and long ago!

The advent of the computer and all those wonders associated with it has totally changed the human life-style. Of course, the print media and all those journals and news magazines are still in vogue though the users are few and far between. Gone are the days when we used to write lengthy letters to our kith and kin, invariably, commencing from “hope you are doing well” to these closing lines, “I am looking forward to your letter…convey our enquiries to…”

Those who are in the habit of preserving those letters could refresh their memories or express their wonders by going through those letters which could be from your grand parents or those between your parents and their siblings. Incidentally, such letters may contain informations such as ‘the cost of living in early 1920s or so. To quote an example, here is a piece from my paternal uncle to my father in 1937 or so, way before I was even born. “Dear brother,… I am urgently in need of 2 rupees to pay hostel fee for this month.” Incidentally, I saw a few receipts (monthly) from a popular restaurant [120 rupees per month] and a bill for a leading English daily (9 rupees per month). You should not come to the conclusion that the cost of living was incredibly low because the monthly salary was between 100 rupees and 500 rupees or even less. For IAS officers it was what they used to call 4 figure salary!

The long whistle!

A girl aged 14 and her elder brother aged 16 were eagerly waiting for their father who was about to return home after the days work in a paddy field. The mother seemed to be busy in the kitchen, preparing some sweets in appreciation of the good performance by the kids at school. They are living i n one of the huts in the slum area and the two kids never mingled with other kids in the neighborhood because they had higher aims.

When their father returned home, the mother told him, “you have a good news… Shanthi gets first rank and Selvan is junior sports champion”. But his response was just “uhm uhm” followed by a silent soliloquy, “ good performance means higher studies… more expences…” They belong to the so – called socially and economically backward caste and there was no question incurring more expenses but still, he thought it was time to say “enough is enough”. So, he called his children aside and told them, “so. Shanthi has done Pretty well and Selvan is a champion. Well and good! If you continue your studies, you’ll have to wait for 8 to 10 years to get a good job. So, from tomorrow onwards, you are not students. Selvan will come with me every day to that land lord’s Paddy field. Shanthi will learn cooking”. The children were upset but the father blew the long whistle…

We see such incidents in Mega serials on TV and we cannot dismiss them as “unrealistic”

To be or not to be?

It was dull and cold evening and I was in a dilemma… whether to sit at home or to go out for a brisk walk. I had a look at the sky and it spoke of an imminent rain; yet, rain or shine, I should not succumb to laziness, so, off I went for a brisk walk and, in no time, I found myself in a joyous mood, all because of the enchanting surroundings. The dark clouds and the evening sky were playing hide and seek. The trees and the bushes seemed to stand still as if to give a false hope that it won’t rain. But, those birds who were on their way to the nests seemed to say, “it’ ll rain, it’ll rain”

“It won’t rain, it wont rain”… This time, it was a human voice…. a surprised and looked back. A Girl was telling her father who hired an autorikshaw in anticipation of an imminent rain. The girl seemed to be adamant and refused to get into the auto rickshaw. It was just a coincidence but I felt as if the father and daughter were listening to the predictions of the naughty birds as I did! Anyway, I told myself, ” About turn… march” but the black clouds disappeared and the evening sun was reigning supreme in a few minutes.

Anxious Parents

It was a typical winter morning and I was on my way to the nearby milk booth to buy some milk in anticipation of a guest. A middle-aged man who was far behind me over took me and stopped for a while and asked an elderly person, “Did you see my daughter anywhere near the Bus stand?”
“Yeah, Yeah” the old man replied and after some hesitation he continued, “It seemed she was waiting for a bus…” Before he could finish his sentence, the middle-aged person dashed forwards the bus stand and the old man made some sarcastic comments in a hushed voice.
“What’s the matter?” I asked him and he said, “What else? That girl was not alone. There were some guys. One of them seemed to be very close to her. I did not hear what they were talking about but I could guess what they were upto… Could be a love affair. Her dad looked very upset and angry too…” Thus saying, the old man left the place.
Will they be caught red-handed?, I wondered. “It is none of your business… get going…”. I told myself and moved on. And, as I looked ahead, I saw that middle-aged chap, the father of that girl. He seemed to be in a relaxed mood but I could not keep quiet. “Did you find your daughter?” I asked. “Yeah, I reached there when the bus was about to start. She forgot to take the hall ticket… she is appearing for a public exam. Thank god… I saw it’s on her table..”
The other day, I happened to read an interview with a writer who was of the view that if one has a creative mind, one can provide flesh and blood to any small incident. I was just testing my ability! Of course, I did see a middle-aged chap who was in a hurry!

The Child-Grandma Management!

“A for?”
“good… B for?”
“Bonda?… C for?”
“Chappathy?” The mom is upset and the grandma of the toddler buds in, “why are you upset? Chappathy or cat, don’t be so strict. Let the kids have freedom to utter any word. What matters is, to keep them in good humor”
“OK, OK” the mom surrenders and settles down for the rest of the alphabets with a “come on, … And D for?” But the child’s attention gets diverted by the grandma as she appears with some milk in a feed-bottle, thereby giving the child a temporary relief from ABCD. When umpteen toys are lying scattered all over the room, the milk and honey becomes less effective. The child wakes up the monkeys, donkeys, bow-wows and even the tough-looking elephants. The mom is happy and asks the child, “What’s this?” The smart kid knows what the mom is up to and drops all these animals and picks up the plastic parts meant for making toy-houses, saying “OUSE, OUSE [House]”
“OK, OK”, says the mom and grandma shouts, “Enough, enough… take your bath and your breakfast and get lost … it’s getting late”
The mom was, in fact, trying her best to put the child in a playing mood so that she could have her breakfast before leaving for her work spot, but grandma inadvertently draws the child’s attention to the mom who tries to escape from the scene when the child is in good mood.
If the modern moms are not experts in time management which also calls for efficient management of child and its grandma, it will be difficult for them to concentrate on their official duties!