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Let us hope for the best

No matter his support base, Mr. Ramnath Kovind, the newly elected President of India can look forward to the support of the entire nation, irrespective of the political background of those concerned.

Anyway, one has to take into account the methods of various top-ranking politicians, or government servants or business tycoons while handling several problems facing the nation. Let us hope for the best and look forward to the brighter days.

Hats off to TV!

You have immense source of belief from boredom and you don’t have to wait till your favorite items are active! Even voracious readers have limits and naturally, they look forward to programs dominated by the so-called intellectuals! As far as TV programs are concerned, serials running into thousands of episodes capture the attention of old and young and home makers who are prepared to give up anything for this item!
Then comes the weekly items like “You or me?”, dominated by youngsters and the TV anchorman. This program touches upon various subjects associated with education, freedom of expression and so on and one gets irritated when these participants are obsessed with their rights caste-wise or otherwise!, paying little attention to their ability to overcome hurdles. Anyway, TV programs do capture the attention of the dullest persons! Even certain TV advertisements are equally interesting, especially to kids!

There was a time when it was essential to accord maximum benefits to those belonging to different castes which are considered to be socially and economically backward and, to be frank we can now be proud of the fact that the country was able to lift them up, much to the delight of all of us.

The Political Parties in India did have differences on various issues but on the question of caste-based reservations they were like birds of same feather, flocking together.

But, the so-called forward castes were totally sidelined despite the fact that they had to (and still have to!) face so many challenges ranging from lack of wealth or any sort of concessions. It is high time the politicians did something to help them overcome several hurdles thrust on them.

Still backward?

Social backwardness as far as India is concerned is a thing of the past. But unfortunately it is made to appear that the country has not made any progress in narrowing the gap between the so called forward caste and those who are socially backward. There may be couple of states where nothing much has happened to lift the poor and downtrodden. As far as other states are concerned, there have been progress on all fronts visible from any corner.
But inspite of all these wonderful changes it is made to appear that these castes are ill-treated and still lagging behind socially and economically.
The main cause for such false impression is the growth of the innumerable new political parties which want the support of the so called socially backward.
This deliberate attempt to hide the remarkable progress made over the years by the so called socially backward people will adversely affect their self-confidence and the courage to compete with the forward communities in education.

It is time to recapture Indianness

With the birth of Independent India (That is Bharath) the simultaneous partition and the birth of Pakistan notwithstanding, we Indians took a vow to “redeem our pledge, though not in fall measure but substantially”. Our mantra used to be “INDIA, INDIA, INDIA” and our beloved leaders kept on reminding us of the fact that we are at liberty to live in any corner of India, mainly because it is our birth right. When there was food scarcity or such problems, we used to overcome them without creating unpleasant scenes.

Slowly but steadily, most of us were under the influence of regional leaders who were bent upon erasing the Indianness from our minds, and there were others who did their best to lay foundations for their castes.

Inspite of all these negative developments. The “Indianness” returned now and then when there were cricket matches!

We can’t afford to be regional or caste-minded citizens. Our strength lies in unity in diversity. Let us break away from divisive elements. So, on your march…

Knowledge is power

It is an undeniable fact that India has made tremendous progress in education and in creating job opportunities, besides making our agricultural lands fertile and productive. We can be proud of our achievements like green and white revolutions.

What is even more satisfying is the fact that those who were economically and socially backward have contributed much in all fields. But, of late, an “impression” is being created by vested interests that some castes are lagging far behind due to negligence. Whatever it may be, it appears from what happens in schools and colleges that the standard of education gets badly affected by frequent quarrels between students or authorities concerned. Unfortunately, it has reached such a level that all our achievements seem to be badly affected as a result of self pity and lack of discipline.

As such major political parties should have an eye on the progress of our educational institutions and advise the students to refrain from petty quarrels and unwanted demonstrations.


Though social backwardness in India appears to have come to an end and there seems to be no discrimination against certain castes, some politicians are creating an impression that some are let down even now!. Frankly speaking, the nation as a whole has to be proud of the fact that these castes which were suffering a lot not long ago, are way ahead of the so called “forward communities” who are facing discrimination inspite of their ‘eligibility’ (or, better performance).
As such, when some one from the so called, “Socially backward classes” complains about discrimination (or harassment) which prevented his promotion, inspite of his qualification and experience, the central govt. has to probe into the allegation to find out the truth.

Let not our kids succumb to self-pity

Though wonder-kids are few and far between we have talented kids in every nook and corner, mostly unsung or unnoticed. Among them, some are capable of creating opportunities for themselves without succumbing to self-pity.

There are several caste-based organisations which underestimate the talent hidden in those children and simply highlight their exaggerated backwardness and prompt them to ‘fight’ for their rights, thereby making them victims of self-pity.

The school children, irrespective of their caste or religion are friendly with one another but certain politicians sow the seeds of hatred among them and draw them away from the path of unity and urge them to achieve ‘greater things’.

There is only one way to save the children from the clutches of certain self centered politicians and the initiative has to come from broad minded and educated leaders who can instill courage and self confidence in our children to achieve their goals.

United, we stand: Divided, we fall

India is a land of festivals and we witness immense variety of such festivals all though the year but most of these festivals are connected to some religions, castes or regions, though the way such festivals are celebrated has something common about them. Of course, the ‘style’ of these festivals differ from religion to religion.

Fortunately, we have two festivals (Republic Day and Independence Day) which are common to all and celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. But there are people who get some sadistic pleasure by highlighting communal clashes through some mini-movies on TV. And, there are some politicians who divert people’s attention by making some unpleasant comments when the people are celebrating the national festivals.

The long whistle!

A girl aged 14 and her elder brother aged 16 were eagerly waiting for their father who was about to return home after the days work in a paddy field. The mother seemed to be busy in the kitchen, preparing some sweets in appreciation of the good performance by the kids at school. They are living i n one of the huts in the slum area and the two kids never mingled with other kids in the neighborhood because they had higher aims.

When their father returned home, the mother told him, “you have a good news… Shanthi gets first rank and Selvan is junior sports champion”. But his response was just “uhm uhm” followed by a silent soliloquy, “ good performance means higher studies… more expences…” They belong to the so – called socially and economically backward caste and there was no question incurring more expenses but still, he thought it was time to say “enough is enough”. So, he called his children aside and told them, “so. Shanthi has done Pretty well and Selvan is a champion. Well and good! If you continue your studies, you’ll have to wait for 8 to 10 years to get a good job. So, from tomorrow onwards, you are not students. Selvan will come with me every day to that land lord’s Paddy field. Shanthi will learn cooking”. The children were upset but the father blew the long whistle…

We see such incidents in Mega serials on TV and we cannot dismiss them as “unrealistic”