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Heaps of children’s books!

The standard of education at higher levels may vary, depending upon preferences of universities and colleges. As far as Indian universities or the preferences of senior students are concerned, job-oriented course have an upper hand (Doctors, Engineers or Business). It may be a cakewalk for the smart ones!
But, when it comes to LKG or UKG, the kids all over the world get in touch with umpteen varieties of animals, birds and multicolored flies (wild and mild!). On top of it, they get heaps of children’s stories which appear in several story books. Parents don’t have to recall old stories because there are hundreds of such books.
Some children are less interested in subjects taught to them but these stories and poems tempt them to study serious subjects as well.
Anyway, only few students show some interest in serious subjects taught to them but circumstances force them to choose some job-oriented books.
One wonders how most of the students ignore their childhood days!

Long years ago…

A couple of books which I borrowed from the Nilgiris library last week still lay on the table unopened and undisturbed. I remember having read them more than a decade ago but when, at last, I took one of them ‘Prison and chocolate cake’ by Nayantara sahgal, Pandit Nehru’s niece or rather Vijayalakshmi Pandit’s daughter, I felt as if I was reading one of Jawaharlal’s books. Yes Nayantara seemed to have inherited Nehru’s style! Even as she touched upon India’s freedom struggle, she recalled her child hood days in Anand Bhavan when she was under the magic spell of her grandma who narrated stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana (Which invariably began with the usual “once upon a time…”

My mind does not permit me to concentrate on Nayantara’s mini autobiography because it prompts me to quote from Nehru’s books and speeches…..“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny and the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge…”

So, friends, you will get a clear picture if you go through her book yourself!