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Quotable Quotes

Sometimes when I feel bored, I take shelter in my “library”, not necessarily to read a book but just to turn the pages of my old Dairies in which I would have written some quotable quotes. Here is one of them under the title, “The chimpanzee,

“Children behold the chimpanzee

He sits on the ancestral tree

From which we sprang in ages gone

I am glad we sprang: had we held on

We might for aught that I can say

Be horrid chimpanzees today”

The other day, there lay on the floor of my bed room an old worn out newspaper… just a piece of it, I was about to throw it away but to my surprise, there was an article, under the title “ A poem for your soul”. It was an article about a poetess whose style was strange but interesting. The poem was just two lines long.

“there are feelings you haven’t felt yet

I gave them time, they are almost there”

It seems this poetess become famous…
But how?… I don’t know

If there is a will, there is a way.

Some Newspapers in India give an opportunity to the readers to express their views on men and matters through certain columns exclusively meant for this purpose. Most of the articles which appear in these columns are humorous and invariably based on some interesting incidents at home.

At times, we are reminded of some funny incidents in our own life.

Very recently I happened to read an article by a teenaged girl who considered English as just another subject but soon became an addict to that language and in due course, managed to use the words according to her whims and fancies and she even won several prizes in school level competitions. And, as I was reading her article, I knew why she won several prizes in those competitions.

Long years ago…

A couple of books which I borrowed from the Nilgiris library last week still lay on the table unopened and undisturbed. I remember having read them more than a decade ago but when, at last, I took one of them ‘Prison and chocolate cake’ by Nayantara sahgal, Pandit Nehru’s niece or rather Vijayalakshmi Pandit’s daughter, I felt as if I was reading one of Jawaharlal’s books. Yes Nayantara seemed to have inherited Nehru’s style! Even as she touched upon India’s freedom struggle, she recalled her child hood days in Anand Bhavan when she was under the magic spell of her grandma who narrated stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana (Which invariably began with the usual “once upon a time…”

My mind does not permit me to concentrate on Nayantara’s mini autobiography because it prompts me to quote from Nehru’s books and speeches…..“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny and the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge…”

So, friends, you will get a clear picture if you go through her book yourself!