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Rain, Shine, Snow, Wind and the Common Man

Nature has to appear in different forms and colors, keeping the people in different parts in good humor or in not-so-happy moods in other parts! The mood of the people in different parts of the world depends on how hot the sun in during summer or how dark and windy the area is during winter cum rainy days. Frankly speaking, worst days are when the wind is in full form in company with mild rains or snows which penetrate your warm cloths on which we have to invest lots of money! Anyway, mid-summer may not be very pleasant but those who are interested in sports, especially cricket, nothing on earth can spoil their mood!
Whether you like it or not, we need all sorts of weather in order to overcome shortage of water or electricity.
Hats off to all kinds of weather!

It’s 50-50!

The lousy weather which had been in great form for several days disappeared after giving way to the much-awaited sunny days. Yes, the sky is blue to the core as the sun made the atmosphere warm and bright!
And yet, I was not able to fully enjoy the warmth of the sun or the beauty of the sky. Who else is responsible for making it appear like a dull day?. “You, You”, I told my self.
On that day, I was yet to escape from the grip of the afternoon-nap and decided to go out for a walk and there it was!. Like small birds my dull mind began to fly away and I felt as if I was in a new world.
And, when I regained my happiness my mind said, “Hi guy, it is 50-50”

Cricket continues to be the most favorite game of seven or eight countries. At the top were England and Australia till West Indies became a force to reckon with. Meanwhile, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa were vying with one another to be one among the top. Wonder kids like Sachin began to appear now and then. The birth of ODI made the game more exciting. In Indian, cricket ensures the unity of the country to a great extent!
But, with the advent of T20 and certain new rules and regulations, the game became commercial, and resembles a “Net Practice” and batsman’s paradise (at the expense of bowlers). Anyway, it is heard that steps are being initiated to recapture some of the glories of the good old days.

It’s Cricket all the way!

I was in a dilemma… To skip or not to skip the pre-lunch hour of the Zoology class. The Zoology professor was watching me and I thought he will be harsh on me if I skip the class. But, fortunately, he called me and said in a sub-dued voice, ” I know what prevents you guys from attending my class… That’s what I want. That guy is still batting and we will be robbed of a certain victory… could you go to your favorite restaurant and listen to the running commentary?. I am restless… if our bowlers fail to get his wicket, the match will end in a draw”. Before he completed his commentary, I ran away, saying “Thank you sir, Thank you Sir”.
When I went to the restaurant, I was thrilled to hear the following words from the commentator, “what a catch!….. inches off the ground…. Haniff missed his century”. The students (those who skipped the class) were singing and dancing and i ran back to my class to pass on the good news to the professor. He smiled and showed his thumb as I almost shouted, “He missed his century, He missed his century”.
That is Tellicherry!…. my native town where there is no gender discrimination as far as cricket is concerned. Another occasion was hen I won the heart of the English professor nearly by borrowing a sports magazine from him! Another “memorable” occasion was when I and a cricket crazy friend of mine were on our way to the college. We came across one of the selectors of a local team. “Hi Ramesh you’ll be in the team in to-day’s match” Ramesh had no second thoughts and he handed over his books to me and got into a local bus to the Town cricket club… He skipped the Exam!
There were no TV’s in those days and the radios were few and far between. Nevertheless we ran from pillar to post to listen to he running commentary.
I don’t know if cricket is still a craze in Tellicherry but we can be proud of the fact that the first cricket club in India was started in Tellicherry!

Hats off to…

At times, one’s mind remains stagnant and all the efforts to come out with something worthwhile are blown away as if they are dry leaves we fin don roads or sidewalks. Be it politics or other important issues or even funny things, one’s mind keeps saying “shit” and your eyes look the other way, condemning your mood.
The other day, I was in such a dilemma or rather, in a “to be or not to be situation” and was on the verge of saying “bye-bye”; but one of the cricket-crazy guys unexpectedly touched upon the very same subject and I woke up from my “dull-as dust” mood as usual, I burst into “runs”…
And, when we were half-way through our favorite subject we were also resting on our favorite phrase, “But, Sachin in Sachin”!

Arise, Awake…

Wither India? Or rather, is India suffering from an overdose of democracy? Maybe, some sadistic news channels are creating such an impression by highlighting the day-to-day demonstrations in and out of assemblies and parliaments with an eye on next elections.
On top of these petty quarrels, the fate of India’s most favorite game (cricket) is in a dreadful condition with some star players like Virat Kohli [he has just one innings left to prove his mettle] seem too be more interesting in playing some eye-catching roles in TV Ads. May be, some really talented players are knocking at the door.


“Oh, a cheeky single…. sachin just managed to cross over before the ball hit the stumps”. Sachin was just four short of his century and there was one over left before stumps. The bus in which we were travelling entered the Mettupalayam bus stand.I hurried to the nearby Teashop to watch those exciting moments. there was a huge crowd in front of the tea shop but i managed to position myself n such a way as to get a clear view of the screen. Sachin ignored the singles and twos and there were just two bowls left. When he hit the fifth ball of the last over, the focus was on the ball. A fielder dived to stop it but …! oh, Lord, it crossed the boundary. That was one of his umpteen centuries!The conductor of the bus patted me on the shoulder and jokingly said, ” So, shall we go?” The man who carried a transistor with him switched it off and followed us.

There have been such anxious moments on several occasions when he kept on piling up runs and breaking the records of several top class batsmen.He became a role model and many of his followers managed to find their way into Indian team.

Sachin became nervous at times, not because he was out- of-form on certain occasions but he was unable to live upto the expectations of his fans.

I was so upset when I heard the other day that he was bidding good- bye to ODI. The only consolation is that he will keep playing in 5- day matches. I have great respect for other players but Sachin is Sachin.

Glorious Uncertainties!

Cricket is said to be a game of uncertainties and this saying has come in handy for some of us to explain away the humiliating defeat suffered by India at the hands of the visiting English team in the 5-day matches. As far as matches played on home grounds are concerned, India used to have an edge over any team, but, on this occasion, we have to take shelter under the good old saying “The game of uncertainties”. And, close on the heels of this humilitating defeat, came our convincing victory against the same team in T-20 match… as if to prove this theory of glorious uncertainties.

Now, it is time for our players to look ahead, leaving all such theories behind and cling on to “Practice makes perfect”… The ODI matches are round the corner!

Stray Thoughts

When you read something or watch an incident or listen to a song, your mind tries to connect those incidents or words in the song or certain persons to incidents you had witnessed long back. But you only have a vague idea about these things and you become restless as your mind does not budge till you sort out the exact incident or the person you are trying to connect! At times, it could be a silly incident or an unimportant person and you curse yourself for wasting your time.
But, the other day, without rhyme or reason, I was racking my brain to remember the names of a couple of cricket legends who hailed from the same family and represented one of those cricketing nations. I could remember the game in which these two brothers—one a fast bowler and the other a batsman—almost single handedly helped their country win the match. After struggling for a couple of days when I was about to lose hope, the names of those two cricketers flashed across my mind.
May be my mind had foreseen an interesting event. Yeah, I happened to come across a person who, incidentally belonged to the very same country the above said players belonged to. Of course, it was not a casual encounter but he mentioned briefly about his visit to my country and certain incidents that occurred during his visit. It was at this time, my struggle to remember the names of these two cricketers came to my help in so far as my encounter with that gentleman was concerned. He was too happy to know that I am much a fan of these two players as he himself is!

Unite and Save

Be it a wedding or a religious festival or a business conference or an anniversary or a cricket match or any other game for that matter. Eating and drinking [coffee, tea etc] is a part and parcel of these occasions. Then, there is a sort of dress code for all occasions. All these items have to come from the land. What about those huge buildings or endless vehicles which crisscross the roads? Again, all these depend on lands… acres of lands!

Yes, without lands, nothing could be achieved. We need plenty of lands to raise food crops and materials for dresses and also to build factories and also to dig out raw materials for vehicles or even jewelries.

Of all the items mentioned above, the priority should be given to agricultural lands and what we expect from those concerned is not one-upmanship but friendly approach or rather agreement to judiciously set apart lands for different purposes.

So, friends, let there be no quarrels on lands. By the way, a peaceful atmosphere is as much important as lands and peasants.