Month: March 2009

General elections: India 2009

Shh….Election commissioner is watching!!

While the fear of a hung parliament in India after the 15th general elections and the consequent confusions loom large, people are already confused.  As the drama unfolds, our attention is diverted from the main show to comic interludes of friends becoming foes and the reverse of this phenomenon. An average voter takes a decision …

International issues

US Approach to Indo-Pakistan Relationship

  It seems the US has only a superficial knowledge about India and Pakistan or rather, their approach to various issues which affect their mutual relationship. It is a well known fact that the root cause of all problems is the fundamentalists and their militant organizations, which are not in favor of a smooth relationship …

General elections: India 2009

The Menace of Multi-party System in India

The 15th general election in India is round the corner and the electronic and print media have a hectic time covering the pre-poll developments, mainly seat adjustments, infightings, switching sides etc. Apart from the well-known UPA front and the NDA front led by two national parties, there is a third front (they prefer the term …