Month: July 2009

General elections: India 2009

Arch rivals with a common agenda

The BJP and left parties of India are supposed to be poles apart, and they do keep their distance most of the time. But at times they flock together though they are birds of different colors. When Indo-US nuclear deal was under discussion in the parliament the BJP, the main opposition party opposed the deal …


Tête-à-tête with nature

It was an uphill task, literally With countless steps to climb and narrow path in between It was an uphill task indeed Maybe breathtaking as claimed by the mind But it leaves you breathless When the mind begged, “this way please this way” The body resisted for a while. Then succumbed…. On condition that the …


Monsoon Arrives!

“Sorry I’m late, sorry I’m late” It’s okay, how long will you be here? No—I didn’t ask; but that was in my mind. “You said something?” The rain guessed it right. No, nothing. How was the journey? “Held up here and there….the air was polluted, How’re the people down there?” I won’t say they are very …