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“First, he must get rid of that bitch. Nasty bitch…” I looked back while I was window-shopping in a mall. It was an old woman, picking up certain items from a shelf. On seeing me, she said apologetically, “sorry. I was talking to myself”. I just smiled and focused on window shopping! But she had not finished. “That bitch must be whipped. And that guy. He won’t buy me a pennyworth… But…” “Ok lady”, I whispered and left the place.

We come across such people now and then. It is sort of disease. Others also do it… I mean, self-talking, but the only difference is that there are those who talk to themselves louder and those who do it mentally.

Though self-talking is quite common among petty shop keepers, the ones who talk louder, lose customers steadily but the diplomatic ones earn the good name of the demanding customers… when they curse such customers, they put an artificial smile on their face!

For example, the former would unwittingly say, “after all, he buys items worth 10 paise…” the latter would say, “yes sir, it’s a bit expensive…would you try this?” [this will be followed by a mental curse!]

Slow and Steady…

The toughest time for the political leaders in India is during the Assembly elections or the general elections. Not long ago, the assembly elections were not all that tiresome because the issues were limited and, invariably, it was like a see-saw affair.

Gone are those days. Now, the assembly elections are as tough and tricky as the parliament elections. It is a Herculean task for the ruling parties to retain their power especially if something goes wrong on the eve of elections. Those opposition parties which have a popular leader at the helm would fully exploit the situation to draw away even the sympathizers [the ones who have a soft corner for the ruling party]. These leaders know that the people these days are less concerned about the basic principles of any party [ironically, the basic principles of the regional parties are almost identical]. So, the day to day affairs are highlighted and fully exploited.

Since there are umpteen issues [mostly, ‘skyrocketing prices’ or certain caste-based issues] which would have prompted the people to unseat the ruling party, the very same people would be tempted to approach the ones they have uprooted in the recent elections! In view of this, it will be safer for the ones who have captured power recently to go slow and to do things in an ‘apologetic way’ to make it appear that they have the welfare of the people uppermost in their mind, for the rivals could pay them back in their own coins!

A Paradise on earth!

I must have lost my way. It was a sunny day…something rare in these parts of the earth. On such days, one is tempted to wander lonely ‘like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies’. Of course, I was a little away from the city limits but careful enough to mentally note down recognizable buildings or certain street names.

Suddenly I felt as if I was in front of a thick forest, enjoying the hospitality of the wild trees which produced gentle breeze as they danced to the tune of the gurgling brooks. Looking at the trees I said to myself, “their ancestors must have lived here…the present generation seems to be traditional to the core…as wild and inspiring as their forefathers”. I could also hear some strange noises…may be some wild creatures playing hide and seek.

Now, some four months after my first ‘adventure’, this route has become very familiar to me. A few steps away from here, there is a railway station and a couple of roads leading to the main street.

Vancouver may be cold and fussy most of the days, but on warmer days, it is a paradise on earth!

Old order changeth, yielding place to new!

An Africa chimpanzee had escaped from a zoo in America. The security personnel were alerted and the officers were contacting one another to ascertain the whereabouts of the dangerous guy. At last, one of them spotted him, “I have spotted him. He looks dangerous…and smart too…dressed like humans!” Soon this message was passed on to some of his colleagues.

It was none other than a comedian who resembled a chimpanzee. The poor chap was eating a banana, monkey-style. Soon, he was caught by the security people. One of them contacted the head office to inform that the chimpanzee was under their custody and that he resembled the missing one 200 percent! The poor chap told them that he was an Indian….an actor. “Bollywood or Kollywood?” one of them asked. “Kollywood”, he said and began to dance to the tune of a couple of hit songs. The officers got inspired and danced with him. It was an opportune time for him to escape and he ran all the way to the beach, much to the delight of some young couples [They too thought he was a chimpanzee on prowl!]

People watch movies, Bollywood or Kollywood, from various angles depending on their preferences which range from action-packed or rural-based to song-filled movies or the ones in which their favorite stars and comedians are in action. There may be  dearth of new ideas but science and technology have developed to such an extent that new and old scenes or songs are blended so wonderfully these days to give you the thrill and fun of the two;…fusion or remix, whatever it may be. If you have no patience to watch the entire show, you may watch just the ones you like…the blended items!

Unite and Save

Be it a wedding or a religious festival or a business conference or an anniversary or a cricket match or any other game for that matter. Eating and drinking [coffee, tea etc] is a part and parcel of these occasions. Then, there is a sort of dress code for all occasions. All these items have to come from the land. What about those huge buildings or endless vehicles which crisscross the roads? Again, all these depend on lands… acres of lands!

Yes, without lands, nothing could be achieved. We need plenty of lands to raise food crops and materials for dresses and also to build factories and also to dig out raw materials for vehicles or even jewelries.

Of all the items mentioned above, the priority should be given to agricultural lands and what we expect from those concerned is not one-upmanship but friendly approach or rather agreement to judiciously set apart lands for different purposes.

So, friends, let there be no quarrels on lands. By the way, a peaceful atmosphere is as much important as lands and peasants.

20-20: Two in one!

It is gone, but still there!

All the hopes of a bright and sunny day vanished when the black clouds appeared from nowhere and made a thick and black curtain out of themselves to block the entry of even a thin ray of the morning sun into the sky below.

That is Vancouver. Like a comedian’s oft-repeated joke, the winter is gone but still here!

Anyway, it is not all that bad. On the very same day, it was bright and sunny evening…or shall we say a bright night? [8.30 PM, the sun was there in the western sky…all smiles]

Three cheers to Sun!

Body language!

The other day, I was casually watching a program on TV. An expert was answering the questions of the viewers on job opportunities and the preparations required for getting through interviews. I was reminded of one of my good old friends and several interviews attended by him.

My friend was the obedient son of a tough father and was left with no option but to accept his father’s ultimatum. Having failed to get through any of the interviews attended by him, his father told him point-blank, “Look here, this is the limit…the last and final. If you don’t get through, I’ll put up a petty shop for you…”

He showed the interview card to me as he was leaving for Madras to try his luck. It was from a reputed private company and the interview was for a sale rep’s job. Anyway, he seemed to be well-prepared for that interview.

It was to take place at 10.30 AM, the next day and my friend was there, an hour before the scheduled time. There were five others and his turn came at about 11.30 AM. The managing director asked him to take his seat but to my friend’s surprise, the MD was talking to someone over the phone, “No, no, he likes idly and chutney… no sambar. Yeah, we’ll be there by 9 ‘o’ clock”, he put the receiver down but as soon as he finished talking, there was another call. “Wow, that’s wonderful… of course, Umrigar was going great guns…today there is an interview. Tomorrow, we’ll watch the match at Chepauk. Sure.” Thus saying he went out for a while and returned to his seat.

My friend was so upset as the time was ticking away and not a word from the MD. At long last, the PA of the MD came in and placed an envelope on the table and said, “One more candidate is waiting”. “Yes, call him in”, the MD instructed. My friend was confused and politely asked, “Sir, what about my interview?”

“Oh, it’s over. That envelope is meant for you. Bye”, replied the MD.

My friend picked up the envelope and left the room not knowing what to do but a smiling PA said, “Congrats! You have to join duty on or before…More than you qualification, the MD liked you patience and smiling face!” –May be he had all the qualities of a sales rep!

Show of Strength

Tit for tat…an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! There are people who still believe in such third-rate challenges. There may be valid reasons for either of the rivals to express their grievances but such a stubborn approach won’t lead both the parties anywhere. Inadvertently they torture those who ensure a steady income and strength to compete with others.

Have not these people seen the rise and fall of several public sector companies solely because the management and employees failed to see eye to eye with each other?

It is high time these stubborn people adopted a give and take policy. The management and a few employees [leaders] may derive some sadistic pleasure but what about the fate of hundreds of other employees who would lose their jobs?