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When the rain reigns supreme!

It was like a double-spin attack but they handled each bowl with care. On the one hand, there was rain and on the other there was traffic jam on a narrow road with pot holes all over. It was a tight rope walk for them because they carried a couple of heavy bags in both the hands and one on their heads. Yet they seemed to be happy because the shopping part of the festival of festivals was under their control!. In a way the menfolks were happy since all they had to do was to shell out the amounts demanded by the ladies. As far as crackers are concerned, the children trusted their dads.

On the eve of Deepavali, there was enough indication in the sky that the rain would be in its elements by 4 pm. The only question was whether it would take rest on the Deepavali day. ” No chance, folks. I will be in full swing and you can sit at home and watch my performance even as you eat your favourite sweets, wearing your new cloths”, the rain seemed to say. The people had to abide by the orders of the rain. One expected some fire works by evening but the rain was reigning supreme.

On the fourth day the sun packed the rain bag and baggage and the day seemed to be more charming than the festival!

Lest you forget…

Largest human nose ever recorded was that of an Englishman Thomas weders in the 18th century”  19cm long.

A visit by the world’s shortest man named Ping Pong brought sidewalk traffic on Manhattan’s busy 42nd street to a halt.  The 20-year old Chinese man in all of 74.6cm tall.

The Oxford University considers Indian students among the best in the world and would like more of them joining its campus.

Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik wins global award: His work… a polar bear on top of a globe praying, “Save my family” has won the Ist prize in a competition on “sculpture of global warming”.

Lalu cuts train-shaped cake on birthday 61st on 11-6-2008

Children’s utterances and misheard lyrics and stragglers:-

Hail Mary pillow case ( Hail Mary, full of grace)

sa-re-ga-mase acha (sare Jahan se acha)

Diwali to be a permanent annual feature at Trafalgar square – London Mayor.

I used to note down such interesting information in my Diary. On certain days, when I have nothing else to do, I casually go through the information recorded in my diary.  some are very useful and some very interesting.  Any way, it is a habit worth cultivating

Here is one more: “Unleash the talent, let the torrent of ideas flow, let originality rule and success follow. Indeed this is the time zone of the creative mind.  Ideas are thriving and new discoveries flooding the market.”

Certain chain reactions

It was 7.30 am; 3 hours earlier than my usual time for a stroll.  But, I was on the move so that I could be at the polling booth before the queue gets longer.  I had already made up my mind and there was no need for any mental arguments.  And, as i was moving ahead mechanically,  I had one more look at the sky.  Oh, it was spotlessly blue!  The tender rays of the morning sun were caressing the green.  clad hills and the multi-coloured buildings which lay scattered all over the hills.  There was something serene and calm about the morning.  Suddenly, a clueless situation crept into my mind… What was the secret behind Achuettan’s special attachment to that new chap?

The other day I happened to find a couple of chapters of my misplaced and unfinished novel… Will I succeed in rebuilding the main plot?  Most likely, for the plot for this half-furnished novel took birth while I was on an evening walk when the setting sun and the wonderful surroundings did the magic!

They Stoop to Conquer

Smiling, Over-polite faces greet you at every nook and corner. Before you reciprocate, One of them introduces the candidate, “He is ‘Your’ Candidate… We want a change… Don’t you think?” he asks and assures, “When we promise something you can take it for granted.” Someone is knocking on your front door. As soon as you open the door, you see a few men and women who look like devotees waiting for a ‘Darshan’ of the deity. “Just a formality madam/Sir”, says one of them… “By the way, our top priority is to repair that road to Bus stand”, he adds. They leave after handing over a couple of printed papers which carry the picture and the name of the candidate and the party he represents and of course, the symbol of the party he or she represents.

As the days roll by, the Candidates and their supporters have hectic schedules, the toughest of which is to make arrangements, with meticulous care, for the arrival of their state-level leaders. The voters too have their own problems because the number of candidates in each ward is ten or more. There is a spurt of independent candidates and also a host of women candidates and as a result of several reserved seats for them.

Gone are the days when the candidates used to be landlords or lawyers especially for Municipality and Panchayat elections. Now, it has become free-for-all.

After all, India is one of the largest democracies and the participation of people of all walks of life in the elections right from the grass root level to the national level has be come quite common. The only problem is the existence of hundreds of Political parties and the resultant coalition culture and uncertainties.

Have a Look Before You Say ‘No!’

A folk dance was in progress and it was in tune with a familiar folk song. Suddenly a middle aged woman, dark and bulky, lost steps and was about to fall to the ground – her oversized bum seemed to accelerate the downward journey. But even as we were watching with bated breath the fate of the air-borne lady, the focus was shifted to a young man riding on a bike, speeding towards this lady to save her. The young man had to take the aerial-route since he found it difficult to squeeze his bike through the crowd. Our anxious eyes followed the young man and to our surprise, he jumped out of the bike and “caught” the lady inches off the ground!

The onlookers heaved a sigh of relief but they were in for another thriller: A young man misses the train before he reaches the platform but he was not to give up. He ran and ran but the train was far ahead. Anyway, by the time the train was crossing a bridge, the young chap managed to jump into a compartment, much to the relief of his girlfriend who was in the same compartment…!

Next to these two nail-biting scenes was another rural scene. Luckily, there were no anxious moments. Again there was a folkdance (pieces from an old movie). What made it interesting was the accompanying song, which was western to the core!

In our area, owing to some problems, most of the major channels were missing and we were forced to watch the available ones. I used to skip one particular channel, thinking it is good-for-nothing, but the above mentioned scenes appeared on this very same channel. The purpose was to make fun of certain action packed movies. There were other interesting re-mixes as well.

Pleasant Distractions

When Newspaper-addicts settle down to read the days paper, they invariably run through the headlines till they find the items they prefer. To some, it is international news, followed by national and regional. Some readers straightway go to the sports page. And, to those matter-of-fact people, it is over to the business page!. Advertisements remain undisturbed or at the most get a casual look.

But, gone are those days. Advertisements are not sidelined by the readers now-a-days. They occupy half the space even on front pages and capture your attention, not necessarily for the valuable items they want us to buy. Your eyes rest on those wonderful Photos or elegant paintings and the equally good captions or comments. Just have a look at these Ads; You will surely come out with a “Wow”. If we are in the midst of some festival seasons, you can have your fill!

Of course, you don’t skip the News items but you are tempted to take a short break, off and on to have a look at those pictures!