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Do you get it?

“It’s that guy”.  “Sh…, he is looking at us”,  “No buddy; he is looking at those pinkies… when no one else is there, they think they are the most charming flowers”.  “Forget that chap and those seasonal flowers… what shall we have for supper?”  The elderly bird put an end to gossips and they settled down the pre-supper devotional songs.  With their limited vocabulary they could communicate freely, no matter whether we could make anything  out of it or not.  Any way,  I could understand their language!

It was a glorious evening and I was on the look out for the right spot from where I can watch the setting sun and the multi coloured sky.  But, the serene and calm spot chosen by me suffered a set back when some youngsters from a construction site appeared suddenly.  One of them sang a familiar hit song while the rest danced.  It was a folk song on money and its power.  They must have received their weekly wages  that evening!  I guessed.

Indeed I missed the sun set but had some fun instead.


Paid News seems to be much more expensive than advertisements because it is an advertisement in the garb of News or articles which appear on the front or middle page. Such reports appear mostly on the eve of elections (Smarter ones do it much earlier so that there won’t be any room for suspicion) May be there are others, besides certain politicians, who take advantage of this facility. Anyway these people believe that when advertisement comes in the form of news, it is more credible But still, most of the readers prefer ‘hot news’ (Scandals and seams). Then how on earth, are they going to benefit from paid news?

“Let us hurry, they will give us a sari and a hand bag”

“Yes, I know. But we will have ti sit in the open air for 6 hours….Shouting, Down Down. Then, there will be a feast”

“A lucky week this. Next Sunday it will be a procession. We will have to carry their flag… Each will get Rs.100/-”

These women were engaged by different political parties for protest rallies and what they call ‘Sit in’…

A different version of paid news!.. or shall we call paid Protests?

All in One

You or me?, gossip time, Astrology, numerology, matrimonial-match fixing… them, a couple of hours for students and job seekers.  On top of all these come the serials, the most sought after show and the greatest challenge  to big screens.  They do have their super stars, villains and comedians apart from songs, fights and adventures but gone are the days when women pestered their hubbies to take them to the theaters.  It was a three-hour affair every fortnight but now, each serial has hundreds of episodes lasting a year or two.  And, each serial has several new faces playing the same game but the stories give an at home feeling!

So, home makers are no longer kitchen-bound or craving for some one’s company for gossiping.  Now that there is a T.V in every house, they don’t have to go to some other houses to watch at least a few serials.  If by any chance there is a power failure, they can chat with their friends since there is a mobile phone with each and every individual.