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We were on an aimless evening walk. There were several new houses, big and small, in that area and we were at liberty to choose any path that served the purpose! A subway here and a bypass there, we moved on and on, saying “Hi, Hello” in response to greetings from strangers whom we met now and then.
Before long, the main road leading to the university was in sight and we proceeding along the sidewalk till we came across a narrow steep road. The board on the way said “Steep path ahead-proceed slowly”. After some hesitation, we decided to take that route and soon we found ourselves in an enchanting world which reminded us of similar places in our own native district back in India. There were huge trees all along the way and some of them were pretty old. The path was so steep that we were a bit scared but were overcome by the beauty of the jungle which also set in motion thoughts of ancestors who would have lost ways while discovering new places in those primitive days. And, to add to our joy there were tiny bays down below.
One more pleasant surprise was in store for me. While going through book review in BC Book world I saw on entitles “Unlearn, Rewild” by Miles Olsen. And, it is wrth quoting the relevant portion of the review: “Unlearn, Rewild invites you to step out of your comfort zone and consider a healthy, sane and self-reliant life that is not separate from nature. Combining philosophical exploration with a guide to endangered primitive and traditional skills, this entirely unique and unconventional book will make you question what it means to be civilized”.

The Child-Grandma Management!

“A for?”
“good… B for?”
“Bonda?… C for?”
“Chappathy?” The mom is upset and the grandma of the toddler buds in, “why are you upset? Chappathy or cat, don’t be so strict. Let the kids have freedom to utter any word. What matters is, to keep them in good humor”
“OK, OK” the mom surrenders and settles down for the rest of the alphabets with a “come on, … And D for?” But the child’s attention gets diverted by the grandma as she appears with some milk in a feed-bottle, thereby giving the child a temporary relief from ABCD. When umpteen toys are lying scattered all over the room, the milk and honey becomes less effective. The child wakes up the monkeys, donkeys, bow-wows and even the tough-looking elephants. The mom is happy and asks the child, “What’s this?” The smart kid knows what the mom is up to and drops all these animals and picks up the plastic parts meant for making toy-houses, saying “OUSE, OUSE [House]”
“OK, OK”, says the mom and grandma shouts, “Enough, enough… take your bath and your breakfast and get lost … it’s getting late”
The mom was, in fact, trying her best to put the child in a playing mood so that she could have her breakfast before leaving for her work spot, but grandma inadvertently draws the child’s attention to the mom who tries to escape from the scene when the child is in good mood.
If the modern moms are not experts in time management which also calls for efficient management of child and its grandma, it will be difficult for them to concentrate on their official duties!

The Secret of Success

He stopped his van in front of a house, looked here and there and dashed towards another house to deliver a parcel which he was carrying. In a jiffy he returned and boarded the van and drove off. The all-in-all looked so smart that he captured my attention whenever I came across him carrying a parcel or driving his van crisscross the city. It was not as if he was doing something extraordinary but the way he did it was commendable. Such people are rare but efficiency comes in other forms which may not produce immediate results and yet, such workers can win your hearts by an innocent looking smile or appearing to be helpful!
Even as my mind was obsessed with that gentleman and the more or less similar workers, I happened to read an article from a top journal about global companies including the one in which the all-in-all mentioned above is working. Maybe such efficient workers are the secret of the success of such global companies.