Back home after a gap of eight months is a strange experience. Off and on you are haunted by the happy-go-lucky experiences you had had, all these days, with your kith and kin. Simultaneously, you have to struggle a bit to regain the routine life.

Yeah, its calls for a lot of diplomacy and patience to get things done, one by one and to capture the ‘ at- home’ feeling. Just when we heaved a sigh of relief a couple of weeks after returning home, we felt as if somebody was asking us rather sarcastically, ” How do you feel now?. It was none other then winter which has already made its presence felt. But the smiling sun seemed to assure that it can tame the winter to some extent. And, at long last, I resumed my evening walk after some initial hesitation. The moment I reached my favorite path, I was given a warm welcome by the bushes and those tall trees. I could also hear the hushed voices of the birds. “Where was this chap all these days?” one of them seemed to ask.

I moved on and on, totally immersed in the enchanting surroundings till I was jerked by the thundering sound of the bursting crackers. ” Oh it’s Deepavali tomorrow”, I said to myself and returned home.