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Twinkle, Twinkle!

“I know it is a sarcastic smile… making fun of me? When his highness is still there, I look pale and tiny. You know that but… Still, you mock at me. Yes, I hear you… Twinkle, Twinkle little… I may not be all that big but when darkness sets in, your entire street lights pale into insignificance and it is I who reign supreme. And, you guys open your windows to have a look at me… what’s that? Yeah, wow or oh god! And you scratch your brains for similar expressions. What more, have you ever seen, any one in the sky who can change shape as I do?”

I thought of apologizing to the moon but it continued to praise itself… “What? I am not self-praising; beware… I am just-telling certain facts”

“Ok ok, I withdraw…”, I said and stopped looking at the sky!

That is India!

Most of the places of worship in India are pretty old and artistic and some of them still attract thousands of devotees and tourists. Each one of them speaks volumes about the aesthetic sense of our ancestors who could picture Gods and Goddesses of their choice in their minds and reproduce them on the walls and pillars of these holy places.And, the devotees who visit these places of worship get a clear idea about the importance of each and every idol they worshipped.

The importance of all these idols of Gods and Goddesses lies in the fact that a devotee, whether he is a learned person or illiterate can see the invisible almighty in the idols they worship.

Though the basic principle of our ancient scholars is that the almighty is colorless and shapeless, they knew that it is very difficult for an ordinary man/ women to imagine such a being and so, the ancient scholars gave colour to the colourless and shape to the shapeless eternal power. You are at liberty to worship any God or Goddesses of your choice.

Apart from art and architecture, the devine atmosphere was created by songs and dances dedicated to deities. And, there were no gender discriminations! All these devine qualities have been passed on to the successive generations…


With a five-star hotel up there and several new buildings on the near-by hills and valleys, my vexed mind got some relief from that solitary hill which has withstood human encroachments so far. But how long?, I wondered. Anyway, right now, it has managed to protect itself from crazy chaps.
As I moved on and on thinking about that hill, the 6 P.M siren jolted me from my day-dreams and it was time to say “About-turn… March”. I must be at home as quickly as possible so that I won’t miss a crucial scene in that TV serial. What will be the fate of Dilip-Susi romance?.
When I was about to reach home, I saw a friend of mine with his daughter. He too seemed to be in a hurry… but, on seeing me, he stopped for a while and asked me whether I was in a hurry. I could not say Yes or No. So, I simply smiled, not knowing what to do. Fortunately his daughter told me, “Uncle, my dad is in a hurry. We have just managed to escape from our house when some guest arrived just when we were getting ready to see that serial. We managed to sneak out?”. “Are you people also worried about the fate of that Dilip-Susi romance?”, I asked. “Exactly”, she replied. I heaved a sigh of relief and took them to my house. And, as soon the day’s episode was over my friend and daughter left my home after thanking me profusely!


At long last, we were at the ‘Big city’ and soon our taxi cab became a part of hundreds of slow moving cars and buses. Here and there, a few motor bikes and auto rikshaws were struggling to squeeze through narrow gaps.

All through the morning, it was a pleasant journey, right from the hill station and through the breath taking forest area. Though we were on the look out for some tuskers, we did not come across any of them but there were monkeys and deers and a couple of peacocks. As soon as we crossed over to the neighboring state, our stomachs seemed to growl, “Enough, Enough; over to that Udupi Hotel … Quick”. We had our breakfast and the journey continued.

With so many streets and buildings all over the big city, it was difficult to locate the hotel we were to stay. So we focused on the purpose of our visit and got it done much earlier than we expected.

Now, we were as free as mountain winds and spotted the hotel in fifteen minutes or so and rested in our room for an hour.
The city is so big and crowded and expensive too. But, to our pleasant surprise, there were vegetarian restaurants here and there. Though small and crowded most of the time, the food items supplied by them were delicious and tempting (Be it idly or set dosai they were tasty and we were more than satisfied)

Of course, the city is so big and ultra modern but we never expected that there would such restaurants which supplied those yummy stuffs at reasonable rates.

Hats off to them!