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Anxious Parents

It was a typical winter morning and I was on my way to the nearby milk booth to buy some milk in anticipation of a guest. A middle-aged man who was far behind me over took me and stopped for a while and asked an elderly person, “Did you see my daughter anywhere near the Bus stand?”
“Yeah, Yeah” the old man replied and after some hesitation he continued, “It seemed she was waiting for a bus…” Before he could finish his sentence, the middle-aged person dashed forwards the bus stand and the old man made some sarcastic comments in a hushed voice.
“What’s the matter?” I asked him and he said, “What else? That girl was not alone. There were some guys. One of them seemed to be very close to her. I did not hear what they were talking about but I could guess what they were upto… Could be a love affair. Her dad looked very upset and angry too…” Thus saying, the old man left the place.
Will they be caught red-handed?, I wondered. “It is none of your business… get going…”. I told myself and moved on. And, as I looked ahead, I saw that middle-aged chap, the father of that girl. He seemed to be in a relaxed mood but I could not keep quiet. “Did you find your daughter?” I asked. “Yeah, I reached there when the bus was about to start. She forgot to take the hall ticket… she is appearing for a public exam. Thank god… I saw it’s on her table..”
The other day, I happened to read an interview with a writer who was of the view that if one has a creative mind, one can provide flesh and blood to any small incident. I was just testing my ability! Of course, I did see a middle-aged chap who was in a hurry!

Books of the hour

The winter in this hill station has a deceptive look. It is bright and sunny all through the day and yet it is bone-chilly even if you protect yourself with warm cloths. The only remedy is to make yourself active. As usual, I went out for a brisk walk and returned home at lunch time.

As soon as I finished my lunch, I went to bed, newspaper in hand and soon I fell asleep. It was a sort of cat-nap and, as usual, I was craving for a cup of coffee as soon as I woke up.

It is quite interesting to read something over a cup of coffee after siesta but I make sure not to read the sleep-inducing newspapers at such time. So, I pickup some books or some old journals from the bookshelf and settle down on my bed to commence what I call ‘the random reading’ on this day, it was a book which seemed to be standing in a long queue for my blessings.!

“Eureka, Eureka”, I said to myself when I opened the book. It was a gift from an up-and-coming singer in our family. The book is about the story of the vital materials required for building short stories, novels, poems and a host of such things. Incidentally, the first thing that captured my attention was the name of popular fruit… If I narrate its origin you will be reluctant to eat that fruit!