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Live and Let Live

Be it arts, literature, history, economics, politics or sports and games, every one of them has its own charm and usefulness. To some extent, all these subjects are interdependent but none of them should poke its nose into the other and, instead, follow the dictum, “ live and let live”. In short, one’s growth should not be at the expense of the other.

But, of late, what used to entertain the masses are being overshadowed by the business world – you can guess what I am driving at!

To be or not to be?

It was dull and cold evening and I was in a dilemma… whether to sit at home or to go out for a brisk walk. I had a look at the sky and it spoke of an imminent rain; yet, rain or shine, I should not succumb to laziness, so, off I went for a brisk walk and, in no time, I found myself in a joyous mood, all because of the enchanting surroundings. The dark clouds and the evening sky were playing hide and seek. The trees and the bushes seemed to stand still as if to give a false hope that it won’t rain. But, those birds who were on their way to the nests seemed to say, “it’ ll rain, it’ll rain”

“It won’t rain, it wont rain”… This time, it was a human voice…. a surprised and looked back. A Girl was telling her father who hired an autorikshaw in anticipation of an imminent rain. The girl seemed to be adamant and refused to get into the auto rickshaw. It was just a coincidence but I felt as if the father and daughter were listening to the predictions of the naughty birds as I did! Anyway, I told myself, ” About turn… march” but the black clouds disappeared and the evening sun was reigning supreme in a few minutes.