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Paid news and all that

Paid News seems to be much more expensive than advertisements because it is an advertisement in the garb of News or articles which appear on the front or middle page. Such reports appear mostly on the eve of elections (Smarter ones do it much earlier so that there won’t be any room for suspicion) May be there are others, besides certain politicians, who take advantage of this facility. Anyway these people believe that when advertisement comes in the form of news, it is more credible But still, most of the readers prefer ‘hot news’ (Scandals and seams). Then how on earth, are they going to benefit from paid news?
“Let us hurry, they will give us a sari and a hand bag”
“Yes, I know. But we will have ti sit in the open air for 6 hours….Shouting, Down Down. Then, there will be a feast”
“A lucky week this. Next Sunday it will be a procession. We will have to carry their flag… Each will get Rs.100/-”
These women were engaged by different political parties for protest rallies and what they call ‘Sit in’…
A different version of paid news!.. or shall we call paid Protests?

Funny accusations!

The results of the forthcoming general elections (Lok Sabha) may not be on the expected lines, but as the campaign is in progress, the people are less concerned about the outcome mainly because the chief actors look more like comedians than heroes who play serious multi roles. Even when they make sarcastic remarks about the opponents, they do not lose their temper; instead they make a quick search for some funny replies.

The smaller parties too are as confused as the voters. Whatever may be the outcome of the elections, both Mr. Rahul or Mr. Modi seem to be less nervous than their followers. By the way, right now all eyes are on Mr. Kejriwal… not because his party has a better chance but because of his strange ways to capture the attention of all.

Online please!

Though the fantastic growth of science and technology during the past 10 to 15 years has brought about a sea change all over the world and made things less tiresome, some organisations are still sticking to their age old practices of making a big show of their pet shows like strikes, protests and things like that .

As such, if these people prefer an online strategy to their age old time consuming method, it could be like this:- “Sir, as indicated last fortnight, we are on strike. Out of 102 workers, 98 are at their homes and we are contacting one another at regular intervals…” The reply from office, “Well, those four black legs are working in the office. I will advise them to leave immediately and join you folks. Meanwhile, a request… could you go on a 15 days strike instead of the proposed 10 days? If you agree, we will be happy… you know why.” In reply to this, the employees express their inability to make it a 15 day affair: “No sir, we will feel bored if we are to sit at home for 15 days”. The officer in-charge is disappointed and shouts, “What a pity. cant these fellows leave us alone at least for 15 days… shit!”

How is it?