Though the fantastic growth of science and technology during the past 10 to 15 years has brought about a sea change all over the world and made things less tiresome, some organisations are still sticking to their age old practices of making a big show of their pet shows like strikes, protests and things like that .

As such, if these people prefer an online strategy to their age old time consuming method, it could be like this:- “Sir, as indicated last fortnight, we are on strike. Out of 102 workers, 98 are at their homes and we are contacting one another at regular intervals…” The reply from office, “Well, those four black legs are working in the office. I will advise them to leave immediately and join you folks. Meanwhile, a request… could you go on a 15 days strike instead of the proposed 10 days? If you agree, we will be happy… you know why.” In reply to this, the employees express their inability to make it a 15 day affair: “No sir, we will feel bored if we are to sit at home for 15 days”. The officer in-charge is disappointed and shouts, “What a pity. cant these fellows leave us alone at least for 15 days… shit!”

How is it?