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Election Campaigns – Then and now

“Mr… is a knowledgeable person. He has read Ramayana, Mahabharata and Othello. He can quote from these stories at will, but there is only one problem. His quotes may have noting to do with the message he was trying to convey… of course, the people would burst into laughter…”

I still remember this part of speech made in the 1960s by a leading politician during an election campaign. I and my friends who listened to his speech were not the supporters of his party but we enjoyed it.

Two days after this, we listened to the speech of the above said “knowledgeable” politician. the relevant part of his speech goes like this.

His highness, as you know, belongs to an immensely rich landlord-family who ought to have fought for the survival of his ‘class’ but he could foresee the fall of Landlords. Even now, he takes three or four baths a day. That is, before breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and coffee and dinner…”

Irrespective of the political party a leader belongs to, the people gathered in thousands just to listen to the harmless funny speeches.

Contrary to such funny days, we see politicians engaged in attacks and counter attacks and self – praising… boring in short!

Thus far and no further

To be or not to be, that is the question whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of the existing regime or to usher in the untested group and let things move on slowly and steadily as has been don till now?

In a couple of months, the people of India will be in a dilemma but these are those who want to exploit the election eve soft corner of the political parties and hold the country to ransom. Strikes and demonstrations are not new to India, but when it comes to grievances of those belonging to essential services, it is thus far and no further. Inspite of such restrictions accepted by all, one wonders why the country was held to ransom for 2 days by such employees?

To be in the lime light!

Wherever our casual eyes are cast, we see only huge cut outs, wall-posts and writings on the walls. Depending on whose pictures or names are projected, you can imagine some political leader is visiting your place to set in motion protests and demonstrations which may end up in violent clashes between the followers of two political parties or even with the police. The people get confused because most of these parties are new and their policies have nothing to do with that of the well established national or regional parties. In spite of this, the bigger parties may have an eye on them when the Assembly or Loksabha elections are fast approaching. One main reason for the birth of new parties is that some movie stars have made it a point to embrace politics so that they won’t pale into insignificance when their popularity in the movie world withers away. Whether these parties would serve any purpose or not, they can strengthen the dangerous coalition culture and weaken the nation!.