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A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!

After watching my usual quota of TV serials between 6 pm and 9 pm, instead of switching off, I changed the channel casually, and there it was! And, what more, The very scene which has been haunting my mind for the last couple of days whenever I was on my evening walk, was in progress. The young couple after overcoming some tiff between them were seen in a lovely garden and soon one could experience the ‘heaven on earth’ feelings… The serene atmosphere, the melodious song and the apt music which captured the gentle sound of the falling leaves and the chirping of the small birds which were watching the ‘fun’ when the much-awaited scene and song were over, I said to myself,

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!”.

United, we stand, Divided…

Newspapers are flooded with election related reports and analysis by experts. Of course, pre-poll calculations are very difficult in view of the huge number of political parties and participants. We hear about the Modi-waves or about the 50-50 chances of the Congress -led front and the possibilities of regional forces ensuring a hung parliament. Well, and good ! But, when someone predicts an Indian revolution and things like that, we are literally scared. We don’t want any revolution here because that will lead to mobocracy and anarchy. We do not want any new experiments either.