When Modi-wave was gathering momentum, one never thought that the congress party would pale into insignificance. The possibility of a coalition government or a tie-up between either of the national parties with a third front were haunting one’s mind. Though I am a congress supporter, I was almost sure that the congress would be discarded (ignored) by some of its former supporters.
And, when the results appeared, every one realized that the modi-wave was powerful enough not only to unseat the congress party but also to keep all the others at bay.
Anyway, I heard a sigh of relief when it became absolutely clear that it will be a national party at the helm of affairs.
Now that the BJP is in power, one expects that party to handle certain tricky issues like price hikes, subsidies, etc. with utmost care. As for the congress leaders, they need not be under the impression that their party has been written off. Instead, they must see this as a rare opportunity to strengthen the party though the door is wide open. The most important thing is that there should be no in-fighting at all.