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Importance of important languages

Many of the popular politicians in India consider certain widely used languages as stumbling blocks to their “Progress” and are bent upon making such languages powerless and unpopular.

These politicians have their own way of getting things done according to their whims and fancies by creating an impression that they are doing so for the sake of the so called poor and downtrodden.

No doubt, politicians are the backbones of all democratic countries but government officers – central and state – and judiciaries are equally important and any attempt to sideline them should be resisted.

In view of the above facts and taking into account India’s position at the world level the importance of the international language and our own major languages cannot be ignored or discouraged.

Arise, Awake…

Wither India? Or rather, is India suffering from an overdose of democracy? Maybe, some sadistic news channels are creating such an impression by highlighting the day-to-day demonstrations in and out of assemblies and parliaments with an eye on next elections.
On top of these petty quarrels, the fate of India’s most favorite game (cricket) is in a dreadful condition with some star players like Virat Kohli [he has just one innings left to prove his mettle] seem too be more interesting in playing some eye-catching roles in TV Ads. May be, some really talented players are knocking at the door.

A brief encounter with the past!

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. By the wink of an eye, you leave behind the huge city and find yourself in the park which looks more like a wild forest than a well-trimmed city park. It is trees, trees and trees all the way with the black squirrels running criss-cross…may be in anticipation of some eatables from the visitors!

As you settle down in some corner of the ‘forest’, you let your mind go back in time and land itself in a strange world occupied by our ancestors who were preparing themselves to keep a safe distance from wild animals.

But, even as you try to imagine how our ancestors would have tried to separate themselves from the wild animals you hear the sound of an aeroplane moving across the sky and you wake up to reality, grumbling “far away and long ago!”