Month: September 2014

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Peaceful Co-existence

‘Old order changeth, yielding place to new…” The poet who wrote these lines would have taken into account the rapid changes that were taking place ever since stone age and the human capacity to bring about such changes but it is doubtful whether he would have foreseen the rapid unbelievable changes during the past 10 …

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To Live in a Broad World

“Unity in diversity” is a noble cause which deserves utmost respect and attention especially at a time when separatism raises its ugly head in various parts of the world in the name of different faiths or policies or languages. One major cause of separatism is egoism or rather an undue love for one’s language or …

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How about a playful hide and seek

“I am the monarch of all I survey…” “Uhm… I know the rest of those immortal lines… you need not repeat them here. Right now, you are the lord of fowl and brute… You can even add… and those majestic trees and the vast sky. But, don’t you think that you are, in fact, highlighting …