When trees and plants disappear and new buildings appear in large numbers, we call it urbanization and asset than it is a welcome change or rather a sure indication that the poor are becoming richer and educated.
But, as far as the disappearance of trees and plants are concerned, it is time to say “thus far and no further”.
Beautiful hill stations which were heaven on earth and attracted tourists from all over the country are slowly losing their charm with the disappearance of greeneries. Of course when the world around us is growing rapidly the appearance of huge and small buildings in large number are unavoidable, be it the plains or the hills.
But we have to bear in mind that the strength and glory of the hill stations lie in their capacity to attract tourists in large numbers annually by being beautiful and serene.
Not long ago Ooty and the nearby hill stations were very attractive mainly because buildings were few and far between and we used to witness a steady flow of tourists.
Anyway, at a time when all around the hill areas or rather the plains, buildings crop up in every nook and corner, hill stations too had to bear the brunt but not to the extent of making them buildings, buildings all the way, thereby robbing the hills of those enchanting greeneries.