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United, we stand: Divided, we fall

India is a land of festivals and we witness immense variety of such festivals all though the year but most of these festivals are connected to some religions, castes or regions, though the way such festivals are celebrated has something common about them. Of course, the ‘style’ of these festivals differ from religion to religion.

Fortunately, we have two festivals (Republic Day and Independence Day) which are common to all and celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm. But there are people who get some sadistic pleasure by highlighting communal clashes through some mini-movies on TV. And, there are some politicians who divert people’s attention by making some unpleasant comments when the people are celebrating the national festivals.

If there is a will, there is a way.

Some Newspapers in India give an opportunity to the readers to express their views on men and matters through certain columns exclusively meant for this purpose. Most of the articles which appear in these columns are humorous and invariably based on some interesting incidents at home.

At times, we are reminded of some funny incidents in our own life.

Very recently I happened to read an article by a teenaged girl who considered English as just another subject but soon became an addict to that language and in due course, managed to use the words according to her whims and fancies and she even won several prizes in school level competitions. And, as I was reading her article, I knew why she won several prizes in those competitions.

Long years ago…

A couple of books which I borrowed from the Nilgiris library last week still lay on the table unopened and undisturbed. I remember having read them more than a decade ago but when, at last, I took one of them ‘Prison and chocolate cake’ by Nayantara sahgal, Pandit Nehru’s niece or rather Vijayalakshmi Pandit’s daughter, I felt as if I was reading one of Jawaharlal’s books. Yes Nayantara seemed to have inherited Nehru’s style! Even as she touched upon India’s freedom struggle, she recalled her child hood days in Anand Bhavan when she was under the magic spell of her grandma who narrated stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana (Which invariably began with the usual “once upon a time…”

My mind does not permit me to concentrate on Nayantara’s mini autobiography because it prompts me to quote from Nehru’s books and speeches…..“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny and the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge…”

So, friends, you will get a clear picture if you go through her book yourself!

Make hay while the Sun shine

Bright and sunny days are here again!. Emerging from cloudy, Misty days accompanied by wind and light rains, the newcomer has retained its basic quality which is Part and Parcel of this hill station especially during the four months called “Winter”. And, because of this, the pleasant, blue sky seemed to tell (or warn) us, “wait guys, don’t send those warm cloths to the old boxes… The bone-chilling winter will stay here in new cloths for a couple of months and then it will be summer all the way, followed by those lousy days when your kids sing “Rain, Rain go away…” – Anyway, right now, the sun and the blue sky will keep your mood warm and cheerful.

Of facts and …

Of late, we hear ‘distorted’ versions of ancient India’s scientific achivement. But, before we dismiss all such stories as baseless, we have to lend our ears to what our great grandpas had to say about certain unique aspects of Indian “discoveries”. It may appear to be baseless but as pointed out by our grandpas, “ There are things which are beyond explanations and beyond comprehension”. Take for example astrology and palmistry or the mention of the word “vimana” in Ramayana or “Dhoor Darshan” even in those ancient days.
When we criticize those who give us a distorted version of our achievements we have to point out attempts by certain modern hisortians to give a new colour to certain events just to safegaurd certain communities.

It’s Cricket all the way!

I was in a dilemma… To skip or not to skip the pre-lunch hour of the Zoology class. The Zoology professor was watching me and I thought he will be harsh on me if I skip the class. But, fortunately, he called me and said in a sub-dued voice, ” I know what prevents you guys from attending my class… That’s what I want. That guy is still batting and we will be robbed of a certain victory… could you go to your favorite restaurant and listen to the running commentary?. I am restless… if our bowlers fail to get his wicket, the match will end in a draw”. Before he completed his commentary, I ran away, saying “Thank you sir, Thank you Sir”.
When I went to the restaurant, I was thrilled to hear the following words from the commentator, “what a catch!….. inches off the ground…. Haniff missed his century”. The students (those who skipped the class) were singing and dancing and i ran back to my class to pass on the good news to the professor. He smiled and showed his thumb as I almost shouted, “He missed his century, He missed his century”.
That is Tellicherry!…. my native town where there is no gender discrimination as far as cricket is concerned. Another occasion was hen I won the heart of the English professor nearly by borrowing a sports magazine from him! Another “memorable” occasion was when I and a cricket crazy friend of mine were on our way to the college. We came across one of the selectors of a local team. “Hi Ramesh you’ll be in the team in to-day’s match” Ramesh had no second thoughts and he handed over his books to me and got into a local bus to the Town cricket club… He skipped the Exam!
There were no TV’s in those days and the radios were few and far between. Nevertheless we ran from pillar to post to listen to he running commentary.
I don’t know if cricket is still a craze in Tellicherry but we can be proud of the fact that the first cricket club in India was started in Tellicherry!