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Knowledge is Power

As far as the standard of education in India is concerned, while a few states are maintaining high standards and some are beginning to realize that the future of their states are in the hands of educated youngsters, there are certain states which lag far behind and yet not in the least worried about the plight of the uneducated youngsters.

It seems some politicians are of the view that as long as the citizens are less educated, the politicians will be the monarch of all they survey!

The “Mass copying” in Bihar which got much publicity is a typical example of how the parents and some teachers consider exams as hurdles and have to be crossed by hook or crook

A wise and noble decision indeed!

After going through the News paper headlines relating to political scandals, walkouts, Hartals which force the people, especially the passengers to run helter skelter at the Bus stands; and a funny report on “Worst actor/ director/ music etc awards”, my eyes rested on a News item under the headline “The golden daughter of a farming family”. It was about a girl who won as many as 13 gold medals at the 49th convocation of the University of Agricultural sciences Bangalore. Since she belonged to a poor family, she had to take an educational loan to bear her expenses. She was so excited that she showed the box of 13 gold medals to her parents and took a vow that she will dedicate herself to the cause of Agriculture.
She wants to be a researcher in the field of genetics and plant – breeding. She was, no doubt, excited but she wants to go far beyond gold medals and has her own plans to set up non – governmental organizations to help farmers to whom her advice is, “please do not quit forming as that is our backbone”.
The future of the nation lies in the hands of such dynamic youngsters and one hopes she will achieve her goals.

Beware of the invisible!

All the major newspapers predicted a “hung” assembly. The exit polls too indicated the same results. And, when the results were out, one of the popular parties was short of the required number of seats. The only option seemed to be Governor’s rule for the state because the party which need the support of a few MLA’s was not in good term with any of them.

The days rolled by and the possibility of Governor’s rule was very much there but to every one’s surprise or happiness, one of the opposition parties which had enough number of candidates came out with a message that their party will fill the gap and let the majority party to form a government. What a miracle ! The chief ministerial candidate of the majority party was known for his principles and was honest to the core and yet his party got the support of one of these smaller parties which was not friendly with him.

Things moved on, and everyone was in praise of that party which helped the “Big party” to form a government. “All is well that ends well”

But, after few months, a news channel sprang a surprise. The CM’s conversation with his top colleagues was echoed with the help of the present day invisible but smart instrument:

CM: You invite those guys for a friendly chat. Tell them, a couple of ministerial posts are there for ‘asking’…. or…….”that” too can be considered.

So, that was the secret of success !

Healthy Discussions, Please…

India’s faith in democracy is deep – rooted and, naturally, the “trees” are full of branches of all sizes and colours. A small wind is enough to create chaos and confusions.

For the first few decades, there were only two or three political parties and policies of the ruling parties (invariably, the congress party) were accepted or rejected after constructive discussions or speeches by well-established political leaders.

Gone are those days. Now, it is a free for all situations. Most of the participants make provocative speeches and the parliament or the assembly halls witness quarrels (not merely wordy-war fares but physical attacks as well) By doing so, these people are setting a bad example to students and youngsters who watch these events on TV news channels.

The silent few

The annual budget in India receives high Praise from the ruling Party and its supporters and criticisms of various kinds from political parties opposed to the ruling party at the centre. It takes quite some time for the ruling party to settle down. By then, the people would have got used to price hikes and some benefits.
Amidst all these pros and cons, there may be a couple of items which suffer constant beatings from all parties and no body, not even the affected people raise a hue and cry. The real trouble makers are allowed to have their own violent approach, come what may.