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Poles apart

“When to the session of sweet silent thought, I summon up the remembrance of things past”. These lines flashed across my mind while I was all alone at my favorite spot, enjoying the evening sky, the hills and valleys… the presence of several new houses, not withstanding.

Thinking that I was all alone, I repeated those lines a bit loudly. But, to my surprise, there stood a young man who too was in a mood to repeat those lines loudly.

Immediately, we made friends with each other and began to quote several well known poems which included ” Ten thousand saw I at a glance tossing their heads in sprightly dance”.

Then I asked him whether he was an English literature student. “Yes”, he said. Then, after a while, he began to weep. “Why, what happened”, I asked and he replied, “But my dad is totally against it… you know why?”

“Yeah, I know your dad. He has told me their story several times but I used to support you…” “OK sir, I am leaving… my dad is waiting for me near that…” Before completing the sentence, he left saying a loud “Bye!”

His father is known to me… not a friend as such but some one who I used to meet now and then… He is a building contractor.

Things are not what they seem

Like a passenger train that stops at every station, I had to stop here and there on the steep road to make my evening walk less tiresome but at the same time I wanted to make it appear that I was enjoying every step and looked around as if I was immersed in the beauty of the nature though all I could see were some old houses and grazing grounds. I don’t know what prompted me to take this road instead of the well accustomed road below. Anyway, I decided to return home after the next ‘stop’ but things are not what they seem!. The next ‘stop’ took me to a wonderful ‘world’. The race course was in full view. Even if one goes close to the race course, one would not get a clear view of the ground!. Then, as I looked around, I felt as if I was in a spot where a Wordsworth or a Keats or our own Toru Dutt would draw inspiration for their poems!