During the rush hour, if you are lucky enough, you may manage to get a seat in a bus or in the general compartment of a passenger train but a window seat will just be a dream.
The other day, while I found myself in such a situation, I was reminded of a similar occasion when I managed to get a seat in a crowded bus. Two seats ahead of mine were occupied by two young ladies who seemed to be in a happy mood and naturally, I was tempted to listen to their conversation. One of them was lean and tall and the other one was a lean but short.
The tall one kept on talking and the short one just made “Hm, Hm” responses at regular intervals. The subject of their conversation was about Ragini who could be one of their colleagues or the tall one’s relative. “She is such a bore… She had a plan to visit our house in the evening. Apart from petty talks I will have to prepare foods and supper… the purpose of this short journey is to avoid her.” Meanwhile, the bus reached one of the main bus stands and when they were getting ready to alight from the bus, one lady who moved forward and patted on the shoulders of the tall one and said, “Don’t worry… I won’t visit your house… never in my life…” much to the shock of the two dames.