The age-old faith that democracy is the best form of government may still be valid but in many countries it is no longer “by the people, of the people, and for the people” because the ‘scene’ is fully dominated by the power-crazy politicians who take full advantage of the day-to-day problems, big and small, being faced by the ruling party. Problems often erupt from unavaoidable price hikes, lack of rain or excess rains resulting in floods or power failure. The ruling party might be findings ways and means to solve these problems but the opposition parties make it appear that the government is deliberately ignoring these problems. In short, the approach of the senior parties depends on whether they are in power or leading the opposition front.
But, what is so vexing is the habit of attracting employees and students to participate in demonstration which often turn violent and unproductive.
Another reason for these problems in the undue hurry shown by the newly-elected parties to introduce new policies which are controversial.