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The good old slogan, “UNITY IN DIVERSITY” is knocking on my mind even as the print and electronic media are flooded with reports of conflicts between different political parties which bring everything to a stand still. What used to be a regional affair, is now spreading all over the nation, especially when national parties blame each other for some un happy developments..(It could be some corruption charges or some other vexing issues that could be solved without much fanfare. Even some happy occasions like the PM’s visit to a neighbouring country could lead to an unnecessary controversy)
Politicians, at times, are impatient and least worried about the after effects of some of their unpleasant remarks about some senior leaders.

Anyway, it is hightime the leaders of the senior parties set an example to the party workers at least for the sake of the youngsters or rather their own younger versions. Let them chant “The Unity in Diversity” Mantra when unpleasant political developments occur!

It’s 50-50!

The lousy weather which had been in great form for several days disappeared after giving way to the much-awaited sunny days. Yes, the sky is blue to the core as the sun made the atmosphere warm and bright!
And yet, I was not able to fully enjoy the warmth of the sun or the beauty of the sky. Who else is responsible for making it appear like a dull day?. “You, You”, I told my self.
On that day, I was yet to escape from the grip of the afternoon-nap and decided to go out for a walk and there it was!. Like small birds my dull mind began to fly away and I felt as if I was in a new world.
And, when I regained my happiness my mind said, “Hi guy, it is 50-50”

Oh, for a Sunny day!

After a long innings of cloudy and rainy days, the sky in Ooty was all set for a glorious innings from the opposition team led by sun.
All these days, the atmosphere was filled with, “oh for a sunny day” from every nook and corner.
Yeah, whoever you meet on the road or at the Tea shop would ask you, “How long will it last?”
It is not as if Ooty and the surrounding areas were thrashed by rain without any break but when the sun is visible one could be sure of the fact that the so called sunny hours are soon to be blocked by the approaching cloudy patches!
It is not as if any of us are against rainy days but what we need is the Presence of the glorious sun at regular intervals. Don’t we exclaim, “oh for a rain!” when it is too hot during the summer days?

A Breakthrough Indeed!

Writers of fiction and facts often get themselves stuck up somewhere and look around for a breakthrough. It could be a glorious evening and the accompanying sunset or small and interesting events which relieve them from monotonous hours and days.

I too am a writer of sorts or rather a self-proclaimed one! My way of getting a breakthrough is to go through my old diaries in which I had recorded many interesting events or some points.

But the other day, I got the breakthrough when I travelling in a taxi cab from Coimbatore to Ooty. We were on our way to Ooty from Coimbatore and had just reached the first U turn to the hill station. To our pleasant surprise we saw four wild elephants (untamed?) crossing the road and forcing all the vehicles ahead of us to stop. We were happy but anxious as well because it was getting dark. Fortunately, a lorry was slowly moving and the elephants could not move any further. Luckily, in 10 minutes we managed to cross the point where the elephants took another route.