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Knowledge is power

It is an undeniable fact that India has made tremendous progress in education and in creating job opportunities, besides making our agricultural lands fertile and productive. We can be proud of our achievements like green and white revolutions.

What is even more satisfying is the fact that those who were economically and socially backward have contributed much in all fields. But, of late, an “impression” is being created by vested interests that some castes are lagging far behind due to negligence. Whatever it may be, it appears from what happens in schools and colleges that the standard of education gets badly affected by frequent quarrels between students or authorities concerned. Unfortunately, it has reached such a level that all our achievements seem to be badly affected as a result of self pity and lack of discipline.

As such major political parties should have an eye on the progress of our educational institutions and advise the students to refrain from petty quarrels and unwanted demonstrations.

And, the Winner is …

Most of the state assemblies in India witness noisy scenes resulting from accusations or protests or walk-outs at the fall of a hat.
The ruling parties while trying to stick to their policies or promises, find it difficult to go forward with their plans. The opposition on the other hand, stick to their policy of raising objections to whatever the government intends to carry out. In short, nothing worthwhile happens during the party’s 5-year ruling. These things are repeated when a new government is formed after 5 years. It is almost like a see-saw game..

If such situations continue unabated, the country will not make much progress. In view of this, there ought to be a special prize for “The best Assembly” of the year so that the members irrespective of which party they belong to will do their best to make their assembly the most disciplined and productive one in India!

If there is a will, there is a way

A Land of festivals, India has an immense variety of them, mostly connected with religion and depending on the tastes and habits of the people but based on certain glorious occasions which would have occurred centuries ago in various parts of the country.
There are thousands of temples in India which are dedicated to different deities, and the specialties of that lord is associated with each festival.
Anyway, all the festivals are occasions for the devotees to seek the blessings of the almighty.
These festivals are also an opportunity for the devotees to help the poor and the down trodden. Some youngsters attach some sports events participated by them. Since such events seem to be a bit “bullish”, some are totally against it and are bent upon stopping such games much to the disappointment of the Youngsters. So, why not the supporters and the opponents come to an agreement acceptable to both?

Such things do happen

Be it print or electronic media or any news channels, you have to wait patiently for some heartwarming news. The other day, while I was waiting for a friend of mine near a petty shop, there were some guys who were taking about some news items which had appeared in almost all newspapers. During this short period, they had covered a lot of latest reports, local and national (mostly politics or about some not so interesting items)
Then, I broke in and said, “Ok friends, have you read or heard about a very interesting or inspiring one…”
“About what?” one of them asked, “About a young man who found a leather bag lying on the road… it was about 7pm while he was returning from his work place. This gentleman picked up the bag… There was no body else there and to his surprise, he found bundles of 1000 – rupee notes. Immediately he went to the nearest police station and handed over the bundle to the officer-in-charge.
He was praised sky – high by the officer and the constables because the amount in the bag was as high as 91000 rupees”. The guys made a sarcastic response. “Hmm?” and left the place!

The need for trained politicians

In a democratic country like India, we need innumerable politicians and we do have them in large numbers but what is important is that they ought to learn a lot apart from being sincere and loyal to their parties and leaders.
There are several departments which come under the government and private sectors, ranging from civil supplies, law and order, medical, education and so on.
For all these departments, we need educated hands who know what is what and how to deal with them
As far as politicians are concerned, they should rise above loyalty to their respective parties and ought to have knowledge of everything mentioned above and one expects them to undergo training carried out by political parties or by some political institutions so that politicians in parliament and assemblies will resist noisy demonstrations and walkouts! We can’t afford to waste time on frequent quarrels in assemblies and parliament.


Though social backwardness in India appears to have come to an end and there seems to be no discrimination against certain castes, some politicians are creating an impression that some are let down even now!. Frankly speaking, the nation as a whole has to be proud of the fact that these castes which were suffering a lot not long ago, are way ahead of the so called “forward communities” who are facing discrimination inspite of their ‘eligibility’ (or, better performance).
As such, when some one from the so called, “Socially backward classes” complains about discrimination (or harassment) which prevented his promotion, inspite of his qualification and experience, the central govt. has to probe into the allegation to find out the truth.