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Still backward?

Social backwardness as far as India is concerned is a thing of the past. But unfortunately it is made to appear that the country has not made any progress in narrowing the gap between the so called forward caste and those who are socially backward. There may be couple of states where nothing much has happened to lift the poor and downtrodden. As far as other states are concerned, there have been progress on all fronts visible from any corner.
But inspite of all these wonderful changes it is made to appear that these castes are ill-treated and still lagging behind socially and economically.
The main cause for such false impression is the growth of the innumerable new political parties which want the support of the so called socially backward.
This deliberate attempt to hide the remarkable progress made over the years by the so called socially backward people will adversely affect their self-confidence and the courage to compete with the forward communities in education.

If there is a will, there is a way

I Came across the following lines while reading a book entitled, “Glorious thoughts on education”
Do all the good you can
In all the ways you can
In all the places you can
At all times you can
To all the people you can
As long as ever you can
I closed the book because I was haunted by the ugly events that were going on in some of our universities. Fortunately, I found the NBT newsletter (January 2016) on my table. The first article of the same carried was an inspiring one which took me to great heights. It is about India, that is Bharath.
It is about our cultural legacy with more than 5000 year old civilization to its credit. The relevant line says, “With more than 5000 year old civilization that continues uninterrupted, the Indian cultural legacy is characterized by a certain plurality, rich diversity and multilingual tonal hues. The variation of this cultural legacy from north to south and east to west is seen in people, dress, cuisine, tradition, knowledge systems, art and performance”.
Let us go ahead, carrying these glorious things on our shoulders so that we will keep our universities free from petty quarrels and all that. We have to (and we can) achieve great things.

Let us enjoy the beauty of the earth

The world has undergone a seachange as a result of man’s curiosity and ability to discover new things. Everything is here, and all that we have to do is to encourage and enable the talented ones to pay full attention to what they are up to. Of course, the sun, moon, planets (mainly our own earth) give these talented ones enough indication about what is what.

But, let us not be under the impression that science and technology alone are the most wanted things in the world. First and foremost is to have faith in the almighty who had created this wonderful world and all sorts of beings, especially the human beings with different quality.
And, in order to make our life happy and prosperous, we have to go beyond science and technology and create a peaceful atmosphere to develop other subjects as literature, philosophy, and politics, so that the world will be free from violence and other uncivilized activities.

In this connection I would like to quote the following lines from a wonderful poem:

“And God stepped out of space,
And looked around and said
I’m lonely
I’ll make a world.

It is time to recapture Indianness

With the birth of Independent India (That is Bharath) the simultaneous partition and the birth of Pakistan notwithstanding, we Indians took a vow to “redeem our pledge, though not in fall measure but substantially”. Our mantra used to be “INDIA, INDIA, INDIA” and our beloved leaders kept on reminding us of the fact that we are at liberty to live in any corner of India, mainly because it is our birth right. When there was food scarcity or such problems, we used to overcome them without creating unpleasant scenes.

Slowly but steadily, most of us were under the influence of regional leaders who were bent upon erasing the Indianness from our minds, and there were others who did their best to lay foundations for their castes.

Inspite of all these negative developments. The “Indianness” returned now and then when there were cricket matches!

We can’t afford to be regional or caste-minded citizens. Our strength lies in unity in diversity. Let us break away from divisive elements. So, on your march…