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No more distractions, please

Some of our prestigious universities are in the grip of chaos and confusions created by certain students and politicians, and it appears that it will take a long time to put an end to such calamities which have badly affected the morale of brilliant and ambitious students who would have worked hard to get admission in such universities. The problem with such happenings in big universities is that it may spread to other universities as well if they fail to find a quick solution to the present problems.
The students have to bear in mind that there is a lot of difference between being a politician and having a sound knowledge about politics and democracy. On top of it, they have to take into account the distractions that will badly affect the fate of brilliant and ambitious students.
Any way, what has happened has happened. Let not other universities and students fall a prey to such developments.

A Hide and seek game?

Urbanization has robbed Ooty much of its charm. Winter used to be as charming as the glorious summer, though one is tempted to sit at home during the slow moving winter. The oft repeated mantra, “If winter comes, cans spring be far behind” was the only solace to put up with the bone – chilling evenings during winter.

The other day at the fag- end of the winter, dark clouds occupied most part of the sky, thereby giving an indication that the first few days of the post winter days could be dull and dark. The sudden change of weather seemed to say, “Sit at home and watch the fun. Though it won’t be as harsh as “Rain, Rain go away, come again another day”

It did rain for 30 minutes or so and the sky was not so dark.

Anyway, I just had a look at the sky and the surrounding areas. “Wow!” I exclaimed. “It is not for nothing the people call you. “ The Queen of hill stations”… I too salute you, madam but, can you make it a ‘Hide and Seek’ game?

Beware of small errors

History repeats itself. If it were a harmless laughter-Provoking incident, you can store it up in your memory so that you won’t be the one who does it.
The other day I happened to meet an acquaintance of mine. After going through the usual, “How are you” and such formalities, he said that he cut a sorry figure a couple of days after his friend’s daughter’s wedding.
“Was he not happy with your gift?” I asked.
He looked surprised and told me, “The gift is ok but unfortunately, it was the very same item which was presented by him when my daughter’s marriage took place. My wife was so careless that she forgot to remove the “Best wishes” slip pasted on the gift!” “Oh there is nothing to worry, such incidents happen on such occasions… Forget it!”, I pacified him.

Let us not be Pessimists

In a democratic country, politics do play a major role but when politicians are obsessed with self praise or criticism that may taunt the opponent, the news channels and to some extent the Print media have more than enough to upset the viewers or the readers. Unfortunately, the good things that would have happened get a ‘corner seat’ and you have to wait for a couple of days to experience the pleasure of such items.

As far as India is concerned, it is not as if there is a dearth of happenings which we can be proud of but sadists have their own way of upsetting even the optimists and those who are excited whenever nice things happen in India. May be a day will come when a few News channels or News papers give top priority to our achievements.