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To Live and Let Live!

“Buildings, buildings everywhere but not even a nest to live”, the birds seemed to shout in their own sing-song voice. Oh bird, I do sympathise with you guys for the loss of your age-old properties spread all over the world but, as I look around the lovely park, the man-made buildings and your shelters are vying with one another to live and let live! We people love and respect you and enjoy your presence in large numbers. At times, we feel humbled as you ‘people’ fly hither and thither singing your favourite songs!
Anyway, I enjoy your presence in large numbers mainl because of your ability to move faster than us and your courage to face any situation.
While I was walking slowly along the narrow road, what resisted my temptation to have a look at those small gardens around the buildings was, undoubtedly the birds and the enchanting trees which sheltered them and of course the serene atmosphere. Several poems, good and old crossed my mind and the one I feel like repeating right now is, “I wandered lonely as a cloud that float on high over vales and hills, when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils…”

Harmless Punishment!

The other day while I was searching for a suitable B’day card for one of my close relatives, there was a middle-aged man in search of suitable greeting cards (may be for his friends in connection with a local festival). He reminded me of an incident last year on the eve of New Year’s day. I was at ‘Waves’, a shop known for its immense variety of greeting cards. As usual, I bought a few cards but to my surprise, there was another customer who collected nearly 20 cards without bothering to read or enjoying the pictures. And, when I went to the post office to send my cards, this chap was also there but to my surprise, all his cards were addressed to himself and when I could not hide my surprise, he smiled and said, “I am sending all these cards to me and the provocation is my neighbour who used to get 10 to 20 cards every year and he used to boast of it. So, I thought of teaching him a lesson. Got it?” I simply laughed and left the place.

When you look back

Of all creatures on earth, the one and only ‘creature’ which could change the world beyond recognition is undoubtedly the Human beings. Of course, for centuries, they lived like other fellow creatures, unmindful of the wonders all-around.
Then slowly but steadily, they discovered that they are superior being capable of living in a “super world” according to their whims and fancies.
Even as they achieved their goals one by one, there were super beings among them who were obsessed with their curiosities.
After the necessary bases were laid, these intellectuals introduced so many new items and the most wanted things were undoubtedly wealth and education.
Anyway, whatever may be the new discoveries and developments, we are tempted to look back, especially when we see the forests which have survived and we whisper to ourselves, “Oh they are connected to our ancestral houses!”