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Some relief indeed!

Too many rules and regulations haunt the people almost daily and the people unable to resist them, accept such rules unwillingly. The authorities concerned exhibit their power by various means with a view to irritating the people, specially, the senior citizens who, on such occasions, come out with their routine, “ in the good old days…” Anyway, they get some relief from the 6 PM to 9 PM T.V. shows (serials or stand –up comedies which are available on most of the TV channels in different languages (Even in English, though the comedians have to be a bit careful in order not to offend those who watch them. Minor irritations are welcome but it should not cross the limits! Anyway, the people have a sense of humor and put up with such things so that they won’t miss several other jokes. Senior citizens heave a sigh of relief when they watch funny things because it helps them forget the effects of the tough rules and regulations off and on.

There was a time when it was essential to accord maximum benefits to those belonging to different castes which are considered to be socially and economically backward and, to be frank we can now be proud of the fact that the country was able to lift them up, much to the delight of all of us.

The Political Parties in India did have differences on various issues but on the question of caste-based reservations they were like birds of same feather, flocking together.

But, the so-called forward castes were totally sidelined despite the fact that they had to (and still have to!) face so many challenges ranging from lack of wealth or any sort of concessions. It is high time the politicians did something to help them overcome several hurdles thrust on them.

Hide And Seek!

It was a sunny morning when I was getting ready for my morning walk but when I opened the front door, I could hear a “Tap-Tap” sound which promoted me to carry an umbrella. Slowly but steadily it turned into a background music of a popular Hindi Movie. I got it! Unmindful of a few people here and there on the muddy road, I produced the memorable chayya–chayya sound and almost stepping like Shah Rukh Khan till I saw a youngster on the “U-Turn”, singing, “Kannu rendum utru..” without caring a damn for any comments from me. Instead he smiled and said, “First tunnel or the second?”. My answer was “How about you?”. We smiled and crossed each other. As the rain continued, I was about to ask myself, “To be, or not to be?” but, a well-known Autowallah gave me a lift till the Auto-parking space. The rest of the story began when the rain said “bye bye”. It was bright and sunny again!

Just Now the Lilac is in Bloom

It was a pleasant surprise to me to come across a few lines in a poem which resembled my own words written a few days ago. Of course, the style was not so similar but the ideas did look similar. Quoted below are the first few lines of the poem, “Leisure”

What is this life if, Full of Care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to see, When Woods We Pass
Where Squirrels hide their nuts in grass

Rain or shine, how so ever busy you are, won’t you please set aside an hour or so to watch wonders of nature. Just keep doing it everyday… You will certainly agree with that Poet.

Keep your distance from Politics, please!

The involvement of University students in politics may appear to be an unavoidable practice in view of certain unpleasant developments that distract their attention from studies: But the students must realize that most of the issues are on flimsy grounds prepared by certain political parties who are of the view that their survival depends to some extent on getting the support of students.

What the students have to realize is that what appears to be a Himalayan issue may just be as small as a steep road crossed without much effort in their part. Above all, most of the unpleasant issues could be solved without politicizing the matter. All of them should take a vow, “we can solve it ourselves… Bye, Bye”

Lets us find the cycle gap!

“The world is too much with us; late and soon Getting and spending, we lay waste our time. Little we see in nature that is ours; we have given our hearts away; a sordid boon!”
I do agree with the poet… we are so busy, that we see very little in Nature that is ours. Ok, at times, we have to keep ourselves fully engaged either at home or at our office to keep our boss or ‘madam’ in good humour. Ok, it need not be all work all the time. Don’t you find the cycle gap to watch the beauty of nature in the form of Sun moon and stars or those naughty ones whom we call birds?
But, as far as beauty is concerned, it could be every where if you have aesthetic sense. There are umpteen attractive things in this world but don’t you see those naughty ones flying hither and thither from the branches of small plants to those gigantic trees?. To spot them out, you have just to follow their, “Here, I am, Here I am” songs!