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“Water Wise”

Farmers in several states in India are in the grip of unavoidable problems, resulting from water scarcity. Inadequate seasonal rains could be one of the reasons for water scarcity. Then, there maybe man made reasons too.
Leading newspapers in India are providing the necessary information to overcome the problems to some extent. In short, one has to be “water wise”.
Though certain political parties are making some efforts to help the farmers, it should not be in the form of various types of protests but, by standing united to help the farmers without anticipating anything in return.

“Sundays” are here again!

Right from our childhood days, Sundays are seen as happy-go-lucky days for the kids and the middle aged, it used to be a great relief from “Home works” and other day to day ‘strains’ resulting from several expectations. By the way, for the middle-aged, the expectations from their kith and kin to enjoy the holidays result in spending beyond their limits!

But, gone are the days, when one had to wait till Sundays to relax and enjoy because, we have enough ‘holidays’ in the form of strikes and Lockouts, though the atmosphere is thick with Zindabadhs and Murdabadhs.

An Empire indeed!

Though the twelve months or rather, a year commencing from January to December is common to all, we can not ignore the years which are based on certain languages or regions.

Of course, the Jan – Dec period has established itself as an empire and the people all over the world are dependent on it for the purpose of celebrating birthdays or independence days or such important dates. Anyway, the regional years and dates are celebrated in many countries and do serve as a New year’s Day or Birthdays. But what is important is the annual festivals in temples as far as India is concerned.

In several states, most of the people have two birthdays! Those who visit India from other Countries may get some ideas about the importance of regional dates!

The summer is here again!

Ooty it slowly getting back to normal what could be that? Yeah, I got it! Steady flow of cars and buses has become quite normal and a bit vexing! Even as I was wondering whether my calculation was wrong, I saw it! I mean, the Race Course, which till the other day, looked like an abandoned play ground or something. But right now, it has recaptured one of Ooty’s glamours! A few horses were moving here and there and the race course seemed to welcome the tourists and the local addicts with its posh look! And at about 3pm, there was one more show… The heavy rain, which lasted for about half and hour!

Silent revolutions

Those who are addicted to Newspapers, invariably skip most of the regional items (may be because they would have had a detailed version of such information through News channels every day.)

Anyway, we have to bear in mind that these reports which occupy some insignificant columns are worth reading because the matters covered in these columns are about certain silent revolutions which go beyond the usual welfare measures which are prone to the routine political demonstrations or protest of various kinds.

I too was about to skip such a news item, but when I read the report, I felt like praising the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development for introducing a scheme meant for promoting functional literacy among rural women.

Singer, not the song!

“A beautiful evening during Fall when leaves were shedding at will and the Sun looked as smart!… I saw her!”, a few lines from a movie song which inspired me. I was scratching my hair, trying to recall a few lines from a similar song. Yes, I looked here and there to know whether I was alone in that park. Yes, there was no body, though a few squirrels were running here and there. I got it! Here are those lines;
“She walks in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies. All that is best of dark and blue meet in her eyes and aspects. I kept on recalling such songs even as I was enjoying the evening walk. But, somehow or other, a latest news, not so pleasant crossed my mind and spoiled my mood, it was about a misunderstanding between a song writer and a singer. The former was in a bad mood when he criticized the singer. Anyway, the answer in my mind was, ‘Singer, not the Song!’