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Once upon

Gone are the days when kids used to enjoy those “once upon a time” or “long, long ago” stories narrated by grandpas. They would, at times respond to such stories in their own style, like, “That vadivelu was hammered yet again” or, “Veerat Koily was clean bowled!”… or when you are watching a TV Serial,they would push you out of your chair and tell you, “I want to see Peppa Pig.”
How lucky we are! The grandpas and grandmas can fully concentrate on their favorable food during breakfast and lunch or read newspaper or some books.
Hats off to our scientist and serial makers!

Let us hope for the best

No matter his support base, Mr. Ramnath Kovind, the newly elected President of India can look forward to the support of the entire nation, irrespective of the political background of those concerned.

Anyway, one has to take into account the methods of various top-ranking politicians, or government servants or business tycoons while handling several problems facing the nation. Let us hope for the best and look forward to the brighter days.

Is change of weather round the corner?

If winter comes, can spring be far behind? With my limited knowledge of weather conditions in different countries I don’t know whether it is a mid-summer or fall or whatever it is, right now. In some parts of India, the change of weather could be predicted without much strain, though it is hide and seek during rainy season.
Anyway, what prompted me to write about this matter is the sudden change of color of leaves, in some trees, which were green to the core till the other day!
As far as this part of North America (Vancouver) is concerned, summer is a reigning supreme and sun bids good bye only after 10pm!

Not so good!

Gone are the days when TV channels set apart a few hours every day for advertisements which praised all sorts of products ranging from foods to washing items or ready made shirts and pants, especially during festivals. They could draw the attention of rich and poor mainly because of the involvement of famous players or movie stars.
But of late, some TV channels are highly critical of some of the very same products which till the other day were the best products in the world!
Incidentally, those come under such criticism are food products or washing items. One wonder who could be behind such shocking criticisms and what could be the motive. Lets wait and see!

Wandered lonely as a cloud!!!

The whole world has undergone a sea change during the present and past centuries. Even some wonderful discoveries appear to be things of the past! Audio, video and internet connections have drastically cut short the distance between countries and people! In short, your friends and relatives can keep in touch with you, wherever you are or whenever you need. But, in spite of these wonderful changes, there are certain people or countries who are more interested in creating warlike situations on flimsy grounds. The only remedy to put and end to such habits is to pay more attention to things of beauty. Hope you ca guess what I mean.

Ten thousand saw I at a glance tossing their heads in sprightly dance!