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Busiest people!

It seems politicians are the busiest people in certain countries and there is no dearth of issues that can keep them active and noisy. Ruling parties can set in motion several “welfare” measures that will have to undergo objections or unsatisfactory response from opposition parties. One of the issues that could trigger protests from opposition parties with the support of people who are supposed to be the beneficiaries is freebies. The next result is the indefinite postponement of the so-called welfare measures much to the satisfaction of the opposition and the ruling parties. Of course, the welfare measures will get the green signal from both parties. Frankly speaking, many states have become land of freebies.

Victory at any cost!

There are innumerable political parties in India, mostly resulting from internal problems. When a popular party is keen on winning at any cost, it is ready to have a tie up with smaller to the main party. The demands of the smaller parties are invariably a couple of ministerial posts. In the good old days, the national parties never deviated from their policies and did their best to protect their parties.
But, now such principles have no values as is evident from frequent tie ups with those who are poles apart. In view of this, most of the chief rivals get together like close friends.

United, we stand…

Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There are certain political parties or some top leaders who are bent upon introducing new policies to bring about some major economic or political changes, hoping that they are taking the country to great heights.
Prima facie, it may appear that he is on a new path and under his leadership, the country can hope for great reforms and unprecedented success.
But, before long, the people will realize that the country is heading for a disaster.
In view of this, it will be of great help if some top leaders make it clear that the country won’t withstand such unnecessary changes, Let us hope for the best.

Weekend trip

Our weekend trip to one of our favorite spots gathered momentum when we got into a local train. As soon as we settled down, I got an idea about the wonders of the places we were to visit. The first thing was the vast seashore and the rest you can imagine!
My mind, of course, was making the Wow! Wow! sound on seeing the waves, trees and those white birds.
On reaching the relevant station station, we took a taxi and reached the park in ten minutes or so. And, when it was time for us to return, we were reluctant to say “Bye, bye” to the sea and birds. Anyway, the coffee house nearby seemed to say, “Come on guys, we will make your visit memorable!”
As we were going back, my mind was not happy about the machine-like world everywhere. Youngsters can manage the computer which expects you to do everything at its whims and fancies. Anyway, what comes back to my mind off and on is the wonders of nature.


There are different kinds of shopping. The purchase of monthly requirements gives supine pleasure to the House keepers because the items purchased are at their will and pleasure, and the amount saved by them could be reserved as their pocket money! As far as their hubbies are concerned, they get a sigh of relief as soon as they settle monthly bills like telephone, electricity, or milk.

But, the joyous occasions comes on the eve of some annual festivals. Their target is invariably textile shops or jewellers (mostly, window shopping). The salesman have to put up with the customers who spend hours to but a few items!

Happy and prosperous

If self praising was a taboo, we human beings would have kept mum about all those wonderful discoveries and waited till someone overheard and passed on the message to every Tom, Dick and Harry!
Gone are such days; Now, we have innumerable universities which encourage bright students and professors to spend their precious time on discoveries ranging from science and technology to almost all subjects which need intelligent research works. The whole world has to support such worthy programs and make the whole world happy and prosperous.

Though there are innumerable TV channels in India, they have identical approach when it comes to certain programs pertaining to political events or sports to some extent. But. of late, the stress is on TV Serials which are enjoyed by senior citizens too! But it appears that most of these serials have the same stories and tactics such as kidnaps, love failures or unexpected calamities or frequent visits to local temples to seek the help of poojaris or palmists. Anywya, most of the new actors are really, really, talented, but the repetition of certain stories may not be successful any longer.

Still in Demand

Though the world is flooded with various sources of information, the print media has its own charm. Of course, even the print media has changed a lot but the basic qualities such as cartoons, “Letters to the Editor” and the sports column are still there.

As far as the good old days are concerned, we used to wait, eagerly every morning for the day’s popular newspapers [English, and Vernacular newspapers] for our favorite topics. The tastes of the elders and the children were not much different, when it touched upon cricket and cartoons. By the way, there were a couple of journals known for funny cartoons! We still remember some of those cartoons.

Habits die hard. Even now, howsoever old we are, we eagerly wait for the day’s newspaper or certain modern journals which publish some funny articles about presidents or prime ministers, accompanied by very interesting cartoons!

Lead me from darkness to brightness!

“Reading maketh a perfect man. Knowledge is power.” Yeah, curiosities of human beings are as much important. Fortunately, there have been teachers and students all over the world from time immemorial. In short, they were the bridges which carried the old and young to various types of knowledge.

But, man’s dependence on machines seem to have crossed the limits and he may be losing even his patience to study more.

In view of this, let us listen to beautiful songs and other wonders of the world so that our life as a whole will not be mechanical or rather drive by machines, most of the time. Even a small bird can change our attitude!