Month: November 2017

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Rain, Shine, Snow, Wind and the Common Man

Nature has to appear in different forms and colors, keeping the people in different parts in good humor or in not-so-happy moods in other parts! The mood of the people in different parts of the world depends on how hot the sun in during summer or how dark and windy the area is during winter …

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Progress on all fronts

The present happenings in a country soon becomes the history of that country. In certain countries the recent history may have striking similarities with the past but very often it is just a part and parcel of ‘old habits die hard.’ In many cases, especially in democratic countries, it is invariably on again and off …

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Dancing to the tune of nature

A couple of months ago, it used to be bright and sunny. The sun took its own time to say, “Bye, bye guys,” rather reluctantly, but you had to wait till 9:30pm to see the glorious sunset! Anyway, slowly but steadily, the weather was neither too hot nor too cold and one was tempted to …