In the good old days, if the politician visits your place, make sure that you are one among the huge crowd. I still remember certain speeches by top leaders (no matter which party he or she belong to). Once V K Krishna Menon who was to visit us at 6pm, reached our place at 11:30pm or so, he was given a huge welcome and his words were, “it is almost midnight now, if you are still here, it shows your political spirits.” Jawaharlal Nehru’s first visit to our place was also memorable. He made no political speech but simply said, “What a lovely place is this. I can see the Arabian see raise from here. Wonderful!”. EMS Nampoothiripad, leader of Communist Party, made a funny speech about the then Chief Minister of Kerala (C H Mohammed Koya), “He is a witty person… very jovial person. But he does not know what to quote where.” It goes on like this… What matters is not the party you belong to. But how interesting your speech is.