Dignity of labor, though an imported “culture”, is taking roots in India. Gone are the days when certain jobs were looked down upon and the ones who took up such jobs were supposed to be dull heads. Government jobs commanded great respect in those days, especially in the marriage market, mainly because there was security of job and, of course, the possibility of what is euphemistically called “Side income”.
The contempt for hotel workers in the middle class families was such that if a boy was not good at studies, the parents would keep telling him that he was suitable only for some “Hotel jobs”.

Not that there was no craze for professional courses but that was the monopoly of the upper middle class. Now the attitude of the of the people has undergone a sea change. They do prefer government jobs for the same reasons; but there are options which are considered to be far better than government jobs. After the advent of information technology, the government jobs became the choice of the less fortunate!

Now a days, the so-called middle class families who had nothing but contempt for hotel jobs are sending their kids to catering colleges which will ensure them a “decent job” in the Hotel. You may be a supplier or a cook but at the same time, well dressed and the jobs have sophisticated names! And what more, you speak only English!