A leading News channel in India can be proud of one of its reporters whose name I know not but who loomed large. There were serious discussions on News channels by one and all on the chances of victory of this group or that alliances; but when people on the screen are too serious or too noisy, the viewers are tempted to switch over to other less important but more interesting channels.

Election campaigns had been in full swing. The media people were on their toes and she was among them… the one I had referred to at the top. She was different from others, but I won’t say she was more scholarly than the rest, or more charming. She was Omni Present! Today she might be in a South Indian city, chatting with hawkers or taxi drivers and the next day she could be seen in a remote village in North India, listening to the grievances of the farmers.

Besides English and Hindi, she seemed to be quite at home with a couple of other languages; and her mission was not exactly to know the preferences of the voters but to highlight their problems. In short, even as she was enjoying every bit of here encounter with all sorts of people, she was making you happy too.