Of all colors which one is the most beautiful?

Asked the teacher

“Red, blue, white, orange…..” students shot back

“one at a time please”, the teacher insisted

“Red” said the boy who wore a red shirt

“I like blue”, said the girl who wore a blue skirt

“No sir, black is the best” said the boy who was himself black

A white skinned boy who sat next to him

Merely laughed and whispered, “I leave it to you”

“Neither black nor white. There is one in between

like my skin”, said yet another boy.

Then there was a wise looking girl who kept mum all along

All eyes turned to her when she stood up

“C’mon out with it”, the teacher said.

“Vibgyor is my choice, I like the rainbow”

“She is absolutely right”, the teacher said

And clapped his hands

All the kids stood up and clapped their hands too

All colors are beautiful, more so

When they are together like the rainbow in the sky.

“So shed your ego, shed the racist in you

Take a vow”, pleaded the teacher.

“Down with racism,

 long live the rainbow spirit”, the students shouted.