I was on cloud nine when Mr. Obama said that the Mahatma was his hero. Of course, Gandhi happens to be the hero of millions in India and of many outside India as well. But when it comes from Obama who is himself a hero the effect is manifold.

In fact, Mr. Obama said this when he was chatting with some school children. One of them asked Mr.Obama if he could have dinner anyone dead or alive whom it would be. Many names seems to have flashed across his mind but in a jiffy he chose the best among them and it was none other than Gandhi, “who is a real hero of mine”.

It is a far cry from being an admirer of Gandhi and to be a Gandhian because you have to walk a long distance without deviating from his tough principles like truth and non-violence. But when someone like Mr.Obama says his real hero is Gandhi it could mean that he is envisaging a world free from violence and hatred. Anyway let us hope that here is a Gandhi or an Abraham Lincoln in the making.