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And now, the secular fundamentalists!

“If there is a complication, enjoy it!” Thus goes an old song. In India, the approach is slightly different: if there is a complication, exploit it.

Problems crop up in one form or the other but the politicians blow even minor problems out of proportion, often with the help of certain news channels whose journalists have the knack of raising certain controversial queries when they chat with an opposition leader or a cabinet minister. The next day, some unparliamentary or provocative words uttered by X or Y would hit the headlines and what began as a seemingly harmless chat the other day would snowball into a crisis!

Most of the politicians and journalists use certain worn out or stale terms and phrases like “political extremists, religious fundamentalists” etc, much to the joy of the so called secularists who are in the habit of safeguarding their image by pointing an accusing finger at pro-Hindu parties. At long last, the over-zealous secular parties got a new name: “The secular fundamentalists”!

Author: P U Krishnan

First things first. I am one of those retired chaps who are young at heart. I watch cricket matches and jump for joy when Tendulkar scores yet another century. I read newspapers and books too, though I am not crazy about them. I think I have a mind free from hatred and I owe it to the wonders of nature and music. I scribble something now and then and call myself a writer! Though I have settled in Ooty, a lovely hill station in Tamil Nadu—I must emphasize the fact that I was born and brought up in Tellicherry in North Kerala and studied in the good old Government Brennen College. Of and on, my mind goes back to my ancestral house at Tiruvangad in Tellicherry in front of an ancient Sri Ram temple. I am indebted to this wonderful place which inculcated in me a love for cricket and literature. But all said and done, I am an Indian first.

2 Comments on “And now, the secular fundamentalists!

  1. Excellent post, Sir. Loved the name “The secular fundamentalists.” I think you can only come up with such funny and thought provoking terms. I think you need to copyright it. 🙂

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